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5 Bay on Hire at Blackpool Gateway Academy

Posted By: Midlands Portable Buildings
Posted On: February 24, 2021
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Refurbished 5 Bay Delivered to Blackpool Gateway Academy for Hire

We have delivered and installed a refurbished 5 bay to Blackpool Gateway Academy. This building has two classroom, two store cupboards for each classroom and a lobby area. The school are hiring this building for 1 year.

What went into the refurbishment?

As with all our refurbishments we painted the external walls. We then changed the lighting to LED strip lights which are more energy efficient. New double glazed windows were installed along with new doors. When we refurbish a building, we check the current electrics and then change them if they are not up to code. The school also requested that outdoor lighting was included on the building. New carpets were put down and interior walls painted to give the classrooms and other areas a new fresh finish.


As this is a hire building, we used Jackpads as the foundations. This system is usually used when buildings are installed for a temporary amount of time unlike traditional slab foundation pads. A crane was used to lift the buildings off the lorries and put into place onto the foundations. The building was connected to the power mains by an electrician contracted by MPB Ltd.

Once the building was installed, our customer expressed how impressed they were with the building and how smoothly the installation went.

“Exceptionally well-constructed under the professional eye of Adam (Foreman). We are very grateful for the manner in which Adam led the team during the three days this week.”

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