Temporary Event Structures: Cost-effective Infrastructure for Your Event

Events come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a music festival that houses a few thousand, a corporate event that needs canteens or a sporting spectacle at your local club, the right structures are required. But what’s the point of spending large sums on structures you’re only going to use maybe once or a handful of times throughout the year? That’s where temporary event structures come into play.

Temporary Event Structures

What Infrastructure Do You Need for An Outdoor Event?

The type of event you’re putting on will help you decide what temporary event structures you’ll require.

If your event is a big one, where hundreds, if not thousands of people are planning to attend, the best course of action is to have a wide range of temporary buildings. These buildings come in modular form where they are assembled from prefabricated sections, enabling them to be constructed rapidly and easily taken down after use.

Fortunately, their ability to be transformed into different applications highly benefits all types of events. To accommodate event attendees, it’s important to have toilets, food and drinks stalls, stands (depending on the event), car parking and, if needed, showers and changing rooms.

Types of Temporary Event Structures You Should Use for Your Events

There are many different outdoor temporary event structures Midlands Portable Buildings can supply for your event, offering expert advice on which ones will work best for you.

1. Hire Modular Buildings

Modular building hire is one of the best routes to take when organising an event, as these buildings can be fitted out with all necessary utilities, heating and air conditioning, toilets, showers and more to suit your needs. Their prefabricated sections will be delivered to your event and pieced together far faster than traditional construction methods – and at a much more affordable price. MPB can hook you up with a bespoke modular building to hire for your event.

2. Portable Toilets

When it comes to where people relieve themselves at events, portable toilets are a reliable choice for event planners that offer more benefits than traditional one-person portable toilets. While going for portable lavatories that only one person can use at a time, your guests will suffer with the long queues and dark and sometimes unsanitary conditions. MPB has a range of portable toilets for event managers to use that are comfortable, private, well-lit and connected properly to waste systems. Customer satisfaction is a priority at any event, and choosing our portable toilet buildings is a way to ensure your attendees are well looked after and comfortable.

3. Temporary Shower Units

Sporting days, company parties, charity events and especially music festivals could all have people getting either dirty or simply needing to refresh to look and smell their best. If your event takes place annually or even more frequently, people are more likely to return if they know their sanitary needs are catered for. The best solution for this is MPB’s temporary shower and changing room units. They can be free standing or connected to your existing facilities, they can contain showers, sinks, lockers, benches, hooks and more. Temporary shower units are ideal for events and a popular part of our temporary building hire services.

4. Catering and Modular Canteen Units

One of the most important types of temporary event structures to have is modular canteens to help feed hungry mouths. All events are made that much better when good food is on hand and readily prepared and made. Compared to traditional food vans, modular canteens have plenty more space for both chefs and customers, as they can be designed to accommodate guests as they eat. They are also made from sustainable and recyclable materials and easily relocated to other sites. Their eco-friendliness is emphasised by them being fitted with energy-efficient lighting and cooking equipment and operating on lower amounts of power. Explore our range of modular canteens for your event.

5. Hire Used Shipping Containers

A temporary event structures can be made from converted shipping containers that are corrosion resistant, durable and large enough to be used for various applications. We help event managers use shipping containers for changing rooms, toilet facilities, storage and safe spaces, as well as be installed with electric and plumbing fittings. Several shipping containers can also be fitted together to create even more space. These are extremely cost-effective and beneficial for the environment thanks to them being made from recycled materials, with their uses offering multipurpose applications.

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Here at MPB, we have over 19 years of experience in supplying modular and portable event structures for a wide range of occasions that can benefit you and your guests exponentially. From saving costs and time on construction to having an eco-friendlier solution for your needs. To get started on portable building hire for your event, MPB is here to help. You can get a no obligation-FREE quote for your temporary event structures.