7 Bay Bespoke Building delivered to Gloucestershire

7 Bay Bespoke Building delivered to Deer Park Archers

Deer Park Archers approached MPB in December 2017 looking for a quotation for their new archery clubhouse. They provided us with a specification and drawing for us to work from. We offered quotations for both new and refurbished buildings, altering them as and when different ideas arose.

The final design of the building was decided, which was bespoke to the company.

Portable buildings for deer park

The building is a total of 7 bays. 5 bays have a high ceiling (3.0m internal) in order to be suitable as an indoor archery centre. 2 bays were a standard height (2.4m internal) and were to be used for recreational and welfare facilities. The building is a refurbished modular building which was sought with the clients requirements in mind.

The building consists of:

  • Plastisol steel exterior
  • Vinyl-faced plasterboard
  • Safety vinyl flooring
  • UPVC double glazed windows
  • Multi-locking steel doors
  • Toilets (male, female and disabled)
  • LED lighting
  • 2kw heaters

All groundwork and foundations were completed by ourselves – with connections to mains electric, water and foul waste. We also connected to the existing soak away to ensure proper drainage.

Deer Park Archers would like to put on record their thanks to Midland Portable Buildings Ltd for being a key component in the successful completion of our Training Centre/Clubhouse Project.


Earlier in 2018 we received grant funding to build a training centre/clubhouse, MPB were 1 of 7 companies we contacted. Their level of engagement quickly established them in the top 3. They also helped us to refine the specification. The subsequent formal quote was very well put together and they made some innovative proposals to meet our, probably slightly unusual specification and make the project cost achievable. These factors combined with their site visits and customer care resulted in MPB being our first choice of supplier by some margin. We were also invited to the factory to see the work in progress on the building.


Following agreement on the specification, there were a couple of addon/changes we requested and these were quickly incorporated. The timescales were met (the installation did take a little longer than predicted but the delay was well worth the extended time). Work took place throughout that period, it just took longer to achieve completion of the necessary tasks. The staff both at the factory and onsite were very supportive and responsive and delivered what they promised. The project was delivered to cost and certainly met our expectations with respect to quality. They seemed as committed to our project as we were and that is a compliment!


Excellent response to the few items identified. Superb service to close off a few loose ends.


The club has no hesitation in recommending MPB, in-fact we have already done so with a number of organisations that have visited our site! We have attached a few photos in the appendix to show some of the highlights from our successful project.

Roger Crang – Deer Park Archers Ltd – Director and Club Development Officer

Thank you to Midland Portable Buildings for helping our Club to achieve our dreams!

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