Classroom Relocation in Coventry

Two Classrooms Relocated to New Schools in Coventry

During summer 2019, Midlands Portable Buildings Ltd supplied two classrooms to Coventry Council. They were to be sited at Sherbourne Fields School that would be used by children who are wheelchair users. They stated at the time of order that these buildings were going to be used by the school for a limited time.

Coventry Council then contacted us a few months later to discuss with us about relocating these buildings, that were no longer needed at Sherbourne, to two other schools in the area that required the extra space the following academic year. We conducted site visits at the new schools to ensure that the buildings could be relocated there.

Small portable building at a school

During these visits, it was decided that the best course of action to install one of the buildings at Whitmore Park Primary School required us to remove fencing to allow the crane and transport access to the field. Trackway was positioned to ensure the playground and field were protected from the vehicle tyres. The location of the building at this site meant that we required a larger crane (220-tonne) as we needed a longer reach.

The second building was located at The Link School. For sufficient trackway to be laid, a tree stump needed to be cut down. A 130-tonne crane was used on this site as the new location of the building was closer by.

This project highlights how MPB Ltd can help you to relocate buildings whether that be to a new site or within an area of your current location. We will help support you make the best decisions for your school or business. We work alongside our contractors to work out the finer points such as crane use, laying of trackway and ensuring unrestricted access to the site.

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