Covid Testing Unit Delivered to Leading Food Producer

Covid Testing Unit

2020 has brought with it a lot of new changes to businesses due to the global pandemic. A repeat client, who is a leading food producer for the health and social sector, approached MPB Ltd to see how we could help them keep their workers safe. They required portable cabins to be delivered to two sites in Bristol and Trowbridge that were easy to keep clean and allow for a one-way system to pass through.

Our client wanted a quick and easy way to take their employees temperatures as they arrived to work whilst allowing for social distancing guidelines to be adhered to in a hygienic environment. As they enter the Covid testing unit at one end, a camera fixed to the ceiling takes their temperature. Their result then appears on a screen showing them whether they can continue into work through the door at the other end or if they need to be isolated. Within the Covid testing unit there is a partitioned room where the employee has to enter and wait should their test result not be satisfactory.

light and dark grey modular portable cabin

Each portable building has a plastisol steel exterior, UPVC double glazed windows, steel security doors, vinyl flooring and Stelvatite interior. The Stelvatite was used as this is easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Each portable building has a slightly different layout due to the requirements between the two sites in Bristol and Trowbridge.

If you have a business where you feel a Covid testing unit would be beneficial contact the MPB Ltd sales team.

white new portable cabin

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