John Flamsteed Relocation and Refurbishment

John Flamsteed Relocation and Refurbishment – Helping a School Save Money

We were approached by the John Flamsteed School who had agreed to take an existing building from the Ripley Academy and re-purpose it at their school. The seven section building was loaded onto lorries with the use of a 160t crane. The lorries ran back and forth during the day to ensure the modular building was moved in one day. Once the building had been relocated it was evident that the building needed extensive refurbishment. This was due to the water ingress which had happened because of the roof lining being in poor condition. Below are a couple of photos of how the building looked before transportation and the condition of the internal ceiling.

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The original refurbishment agreement between JFS and ourselves was for us to re-paint the exterior and interior and fit a new front door. Once the building was on site, the headteacher and staff reviewed the condition and decided they wished to fix the following items:

  • New roof covering.
  • Repair the ‘soft spots’ in the flooring.
  • Replace existing lighting with LED strip lights.
  • Add new emergency lighting to the building.
  • Replace heating with a new more efficient system.

The refurbishment was undertaken by our trained staff who all hold enhanced DBS certificates, giving our clients piece of mind as to who was on site at the time. We completed the work before Christmas ready for the school to utilise the extra classroom space once they return on the 6th January.

Below are some photos of the refurbishment we completed at the school to greatly improve the aesthetics and teaching environment for the pupils and faculty.

We understand that schools don’t always have the budgets to purchase a new or refurbished building, however there is quite often a solution which can help save you money. Contact us today on 01543 876124.

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