Portable Office for Garden Nursery in Staffordshire – A Cost-Effective Expansion Solution

Garden Nursery in Staffordshire Expands Operations with a 24′ x 10′ Portable Office: A Case Study

Recently, a 24′ x 10′ open plan portable office was delivered to a garden nursery in Staffordshire. The delivery and installation process was done with minimal disruption to the business operations and the surrounding area. The office was delivered on a rigid lorry and lifted into position with a 60t mobile crane.

Before the delivery, a suitable flat and level surface was prepared for the cabin. A concrete foundation was laid to provide a stable base for the building. The cabin was then positioned and secured onto the foundation. Mains electric connections were also made to provide power to the building. The garden nursery also requested for the construction of access steps for easy access to the office.

The open plan design of the office allows for a spacious and airy working environment, which is perfect for the garden nursery staff. The natural light pours in through the large windows helps to keep the office well-lit and comfortable, creating a pleasant and productive atmosphere.

Portable cabin for Stafford Riverway Nursery

The garden nursery is now able to expand their operations without any hassle and the staff are enjoying a comfortable and well-lit working environment. The use of a portable cabin has been a cost-effective solution for the business. The garden nursery is a testament to the effectiveness of portable cabins, and we are sure that other businesses will see similar success if they choose to try portable building as a solution to their office needs.

To see the whole project in action, you can watch the video of the installation process on our case study page. The video provides a step-by-step view of the delivery and installation of the portable office, from the preparation of the foundation to the final positioning of the building. It’s a great resource for anyone considering a portable cabin for their business, and it provides a detailed look at the process and the results.

white new portable cabin

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