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Commercial Modular Buildings

Commercial modular buildings are quickly becoming the go-to method for construction, and MPB is the top choice for manufacturing, supplying and installing modular commercial buildings across the UK. Our services are affordable, efficient and tailored to your requirements, whether you require an office, multi-story facility or retail outlet, MPB has the expertise to bring your bespoke vision to life.
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What are Commercial Modular Buildings?

A commercial building is an environment for many different types of businesses, from retail outlets, offices and marketing suits to hospitality sectors and training facilities. Our commercial modular buildings are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities out of pre-fabricated modules and then swiftly fit together at your location.

MPB is a UK-leading commercial modular building manufacturer and provides bespoke solutions for your commercial needs. We can fit your new modular space with a wide range of amenities in conjunction with the latest, cutting-edge designs all constructed in efficient lead times. Compared to traditional construction methods, not only is the time scale of the project significantly reduced, but you will benefit from customisable combinations allowing for the exact environment you want, with different sizes and multiple storeys and levels.

Our methods create minimal business disruption and have a reduced impact on the environment. MPB saves you time and money with our innovative commercial modular buildings for sale.

Why Choose MPB For Your Modular Commercial Building Solutions?

MPB has over 15 years of experience in the modular building industry and has a dedicated team of experts in manufacturing and installing commercial modular buildings.

Our commercial modular buildings cost exponentially less than a traditional building project would, without ever skimping on quality. In fact, we use only the most durable and high-quality materials, including premium C24 timber, supported with non-combustible Multi-pro board and plastisol steel panels, a high step above competitors who often opt for weaker plywood.

We have a reliable network to efficiently transport your commercial modular buildings to your location across the UK, proving to our clients we are the premium business to choose from, allowing us to serve them time and time again for whatever type of commercial space they need. No matter your requirements, we tailor our services to meet and exceed your expectations, as well as provide all modular constructions, including commercial modular office buildings, with secure locking systems and insulation to keep your assets safe and protected, ready to use all year round.

Safety and functionality are our speciality and implemented in our modular commercial buildings is Firestone Building Products, including wall and floor insulation and roof blankets, just to name a few. Whatever utilities and amenities you require, our team will see them through, with our services being cost-effective, reliable and of the highest quality.

Our process

Step 01 – Design Stage

Our team works with you to create the perfect design for your project, meeting your requirements and offering a realistic quote. Once you are happy with the design and quotation, we come up to your site and evaluate all access restrictions to fully prepare for the installation process.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

Before any groundworks begin, planning permission and all building regulations must be applied for. These applications typically take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete and our team is more than happy to handle all aspects of compliance on your behalf as a part of our turnkey services.

Step 03 – Groundworks and manufacturing

After planning permission is granted, we begin groundworks at your site and start manufacturing the modular commercial buildings in tandem to significantly reduce lead times. We complete everything to your exact specifications, preparing mains services, drainage and ducting and all groundworks on your site whilst manufacturing the sections at our facilities.

Step 04 – Installation

We then deliver the manufactured modular sections to your site using our extensive transportation network and install the sections with precision and care. Everything is installed by us, from the interior and exterior fittings in rapid lead times, and within just a few weeks, you’ll be utilising your new commercial modular building.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

The final step of our process is dealing with all snagging tasks and ensuring everything is checked to meet your satisfaction. Once all aspects of your modular building are checked, we hand over the keys and all building certifications ready for you to use to its fullest potential.

Advantages Of Commercial Modular Buildings

Greater Flexibility

Compared to traditional construction, commercial modular buildings are highly flexible as they can be easily customised to match your needs, as well as being easy to relocate and expand in line with your business. This makes them more than ideal for both short-term projects and permanent solutions.

Faster Construction Times

Modular construction saves up to 50% on construction time compared with brick-and-mortar methods, and working with MBP, our streamlined process and methods allow you to utilise your new modular space in rapid succession.

A More Cost-Effective Commercial Buildings Solution

We use cost-effective building materials that help save you money, in addition to the modular construction process requiring less time and labour helping to reduce your overall expenditures. Commercial modular buildings for sale from MPB are the smart choice for businesses looking for affordable solutions to help grow and accommodate their needs.


MPB generates little waste when manufacturing and installing commercial modular buildings and performs eco-friendly practices, making our services highly sustainable. We help align your business with greener objectives and use energy efficient materials for the modular pre-fabricated buildings. Many materials can also be recycled and relocated at the end of their use.

Optional Extras For Your Commercial Modular Building

We aim to give you the opportunity to have highly customised and bespoke commercial modular buildings with our extensive selection of optional extras. Our range of features can greatly enhance the use, comfort and security of your modular commercial structure while encouraging a wide range of imaginative applications.

You can expand with our services as needed, and you can incorporate our extras that are optional either now or in the future. Roller shutters provide extra security for commercial buildings in remote areas, while window guards and security features help to prevent accidents and break-ins.

Additionally, your modular commercial building can be outfitted with restrooms and a variety of cladding options to improve insulation and aesthetics, to better serve users. Provide a warm, air-conditioned workspace that can be adjusted and add additional furniture to accommodate the growing user base. Accessibility elements, including steps and ramps, allow a variety of people to use our modular commercial buildings.

Available Options

We help to build a truly bespoke commercial space that adds to the security and comfort of users and assets. We outline all optional extras during the planning stage of the process and efficiently implement them when building your commercial modular space. Whether it’s an office space, a new filming studio, distribution centre, retail outlet, welfare unit or a conference room, we add whatever you need to make it feel that much more special.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Furniture
  • Toilets and Kitchens
  • Ramps and Steps
  • Data Points
  • Insulation
  • Secure Locking Systems

Modular Office Building FAQs

Do commercial modular buildings need planning permission?

Commercial modular buildings may require planning permission depending on their size, intended use and location. Smaller, temporary structures or those below a certain size threshold may be exempt and fall under permitted development rights. If a commercial structure is intended to be up for more than 28 days, or if you are connected to the electrical grid and sewer systems, you will require planning permission. MPB can handle the application process for you as part of our turnkey services.

How long do commercial modular buildings last?

Planning permission will need to be applied for and approved in most cases for a modular office building. However, if the modular cabin is only being used temporarily, for example during construction work, then you may not need planning permission. For reasons including permanent use, accommodation or commercial use, you will require planning permission to build.

How long does it take to build a commercial modular building?

After planning permission is applied for and accepted, which can take between 8-12 weeks, we begin manufacturing the modular units whilst carrying out all necessary groundworks, which typically take several weeks to complete. This is drastically quicker than traditional building methods which can take several months, as modular buildings are constructed in controlled environments, unaffected or disrupted by factors such as the weather.

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