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Construction Site Accommodation

Proper accommodations on construction sites are hugely important. They provide everything from rest areas to office space as well as toilets and other hygiene facilities, all crucial for employee comfort and welfare. At MPB, we provide modular buildings to suit any kind of construction site accommodation need, all finished to our exceptionally high standards.
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Why is Construction Site Accommodation Important?

Construction site cabins take a variety of forms, each as vital as the last for creating and preserving employee comfort and productivity.

With staff on site for potentially extended periods of time during construction projects, they need to have access to facilities such as toilets, break rooms and other hygiene facilities and your managers need office space to work comfortably and effectively.

Without these facilities, you could find yourself in breach of the Health and Safety Executive’s Welfare at Work guidelines.

Why Choose MPB for Your Construction Site Cabins?

Since our founding in 2005, we have refined our modular building process, and now produce some of the best quality building site temporary accommodation available anywhere in the UK.

Constructed from premium materials including C24 grade timber, non-flammable steel and plastisol, Firestone Building Products’ roof blankets, thorough cavity insulation, LOT20a-compliant heaters, low smoke and fume cabling and 10-point multi-locking steel doors, our modular buildings are built to provide long-lasting, year-round comfort for your teams.

We refrain from cutting corners when it comes to construction and materials, holding your comfort, satisfaction and safety in the highest regard.

Additionally, we have developed a streamlined design and manufacturing process that drastically reduces lead times by conducting work simultaneously where possible and helping to expedite planning permission applications.

Able to offer high quality products in a fraction of the time, we are the smart choice for your construction site accommodation hire or purchase.

Our process

Step 01 – Design phase

Initially, we’ll visit your site to determine any access restrictions and gather information on your preferences and specifications. Armed with all the relevant information, we’ll create your bespoke quote. With this agreed, we can then move to creating your designs, giving you a snapshot of what your site cabins will look like.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

The final roadblock before we can begin manufacturing your construction site accommodation is to apply for the relevant planning permissions, which will take around eight to twelve weeks. As part of our turnkey solution, we can handle this step for you, expediting your production process.

Step 03 – Groundworks and manufacturing

Once your local planning authority has granted permission, we’ll get to work piecing together your new modular buildings. While construction takes place at our facility, our groundwork team will visit your site to prepare it for installation, reducing your lead time.

Step 04 – Installation

With your structures complete and groundworks in place, our expert delivery team will then transport and install your site cabins at your specified location.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

This final stage of the process involves tackling any snagging tasks before we hand you the keys to your new accommodations. Once this is sorted, your cabins are all yours!

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Benefits of Construction Site Cabins

Greater Adaptability

Traditional brick and mortar buildings require long construction times and prolonged disruption at your site. Our modular building process alleviates all aspects of this, as your site cabins will be constructed at our facility whilst the groundworks are being laid at your site before we conduct a swift installation and preparation process. As a result, you’ll benefit from drastically reduced disruptions and shortened lead times.

A Cost-Effective Solution

When your project is complete, your modular construction site cabins can simply be disconnected from any attached utilities, lifted and transported to the next location, ready to be used again. These highly durable structures can see you through years of work, site after site.

Not only is this much better for the environment, but it also saves your project budget as you’ll only be paying for transportation and reinstallation, rather than a fresh set of cabins every time you relocate.

Alternatively, you can simply hire your site cabins on a shorter term basis, reducing your long term financial commitments.

Improved Safety 

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to safeguard your staff while they’re on site, including providing welfare facilities ‘So far as is reasonably practicable’, even on temporary worksites. This means the provision of adequate toilet and breakroom facilities and possibly even showers for particularly dirty work environments.

Aside from providing these basics, you’ll also need to make sure facilities are of a standard that doesn’t promote health risks related to damp, cold or fire hazards.

Increased Productivity 

Providing comfortable, well-equipped facilities for your employees is proven to boost morale and productivity across the board, but particularly in the case of your site managers and supervisors who need a quiet, comfortable environment and access to desk space in order to complete their work.

With the right facilities, you can noticeably improve the productivity of your whole workforce. MPB’s range of construction site accommodation can help you provide safe, comprehensive and productivity boosting amenities and workspaces for your staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a construction site cabin?

A site cabin is a portable or temporary cabin used to house on site facilities for workers, including office spaces, toilets, breakrooms, showers or even security cabins.

What is construction site accommodation?

Construction site accommodation is the series of cabins or other structures that comprise onsite facilities for workers, from toilets and breakrooms to offices and changing rooms.

Can I hire a construction site cabin?

Yes, if you’d prefer to hire your site cabins rather than purchase them MPB offers a range of rental options. Reach out to our friendly team now to get your free quote.

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