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Five Myths About Portable Buildings

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Posted On: January 16, 2020
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Five Myth Busting Facts About Portable Buildings

When people picture portable buildings, they think of cold, ugly cabins that look like they’re going to fall down in a strong wind. However, this is not the case; even when purchasing refurbished units. Below are five myth-busting facts about portable buildings.

They’re Cold and Draughty

Portable buildings of the past may well have been just that. We have all once upon a time sat in a cold classroom counting down the minutes before we can return to the warmth of the main building. The buildings we supply are fully insulated and provided with adequate heaters to ensure that the building is kept to a comfortable warm temperature.

Portable Buildings are Unattractive

These buildings can be designed to look a variety of ways. Whether that is flat steel painted in a rainbow of colours, brick cladding applied to be in-keeping with existing buildings or cedar clad to give a more modern feel. Pitched roofs can also be added once installed which can make a portable building appear to be a traditional build. See some examples below that highlight how portable buildings can be highly attractive.

Not Built to Last

The life span of a new build cabin or modular building can be over 30 years as long as they are maintained properly. Refurbished buildings can have a lot of life left in them. Our buildings are refurbished to a high standard. The roof and windows are assessed the ensure they are watertight and then repaired or replaced. Guttering is checked for leaks and replaced if found to not be effective. All of our buildings come with a 12 month warranty so if you find an issue with your building we will help to rectify the issue (subject to nature of the repair).

Not Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturing portable buildings creates less waste than traditional buildings because various parts, such as steel panels, are built to size and exact measurements. In addition to this, choosing to buy a second-hand building reduces that waste further. Technology is being developed all the time to improve the energy efficiency of portable buildings through proper insulation, double-glazing and more.

Portable Buildings are Expensive

Depending on the project and where the building is to be sited, can affect how much a portable building costs. However, as portable buildings are created in factories this greatly reduces the labour costs in comparison to a traditional build. Second-hand buildings are a fraction of the price of new buildings which can help customers who have a limited budget.

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