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You may only need a portable building for a short period of time whilst a refurbishment takes place or after an emergency, so why not consider hiring? Hiring a portable building is surprisingly affordable.
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Our Buildings for hire and rental

Sometimes a need arises for a temporary office space, classroom, construction site or sports changing room, meaning that you need a short-term solution for additional accommodation. While the situation may not be permanent, we understand at MPB that having a comfortable and productive space to operate from is important for your organisation. Rather than forking out for a new portable building to meet the need, the solution is to hire a portable cabin.

Portable buildings for hire can be even quicker to set up than new ones, and they can also be equipped with electricity, heating and air conditioning as well as kitchenettes, toilets and even showers. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, you can find the ideal fit for your needs and if our current range of portable cabins for rent isn’t equipped or set up for your requirements, we make sure that your chosen portable cabin to hire is customised to your specifications before it is delivered and installed at your site. You can take advantage of the benefits of a portable cabin for hire, to meet your short-term needs, without breaking the bank thanks to our competitive pricing.

Perfect for a temporary office, construction space or events

Where your need for space is not a permanent one, a portable building to hire is a perfect solution. Maybe your office team need space to work in whilst renovations or repairs are undertaken, your construction team need an area for downtime or your marketing team needs a space to welcome potential purchasers to the property development site.

Rented portable cabins are also invaluable to use at festivals and events as spaces for staff to convene, to store equipment or for security purposes. Our portable cabins for hire offer a range of sizes and configurations to meet every need. They also benefit from being quick and easy to set up and come fully equipped with electricity, heating and accessibility facilities if required. A portable cabin to hire for a short-term solution to accommodation means a more weather-resistant, secure and warmer space that can be quickly installed and removed when the end of the rental term is met.

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Type of cabins available

MPB provides single and double modular classrooms. Singular classrooms are ideal for schools needing extra space for a single class of students, whereas double modular classrooms provide two mirror-image classrooms with a lobby area between, and additional storeys can offer further flexibility.

10′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

12′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

16′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

20′ x 10′ Toilet Block & Changing Room

20′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

24′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

Our Hire Process

Step 01 – Planning phase

The initial stage is to select the portable building you want to hire and then we work with you to develop the design and the customisations you want. Once this and the quote have been agreed upon, we visit your site to check for any access issues and to plan the installation.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

The next step is to submit a planning permission application and one for building regulation – the process generally takes between 8 and 12 weeks. Alternatively, you can choose our service where our experts take care of the paperwork for you.

Step 03 – Preparation

When the planning permission is approved, our team will begin preparing the ground with foundations and any service connections needed whilst the offsite team implements any customisation to your portable building to make it ready for installation.

Step 04 – Installation

Your hired portable building is delivered to your site and our team ensures the safe and secure positioning and connection of your mains services and any other fittings. Our expert team provides all the equipment and expertise to ensure the installation is completed to the highest standards.

Step 05 – Snagging and handover

To make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the final result, we identify any snagging issues with you and resolve these before we hand over the keys and building certifications so that you can move in and use your new portable unit.

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What are the benefits of hiring a temporary building?

Speedy solution

As portable cabins are very quickly and easily set up, they are a convenient solution for temporary accommodation, whatever the need. As the groundwork preparation can be initiated at the same time as any manufacture and customisation of the unit, the entire process can be completed to handover very quickly.


A portable cabin is a much cheaper alternative to a traditional building project, and renting one for the short term will make even greater savings to the cost of purchasing. By far the cheapest and simplest solution to a temporary need for accommodation. As our portable cabins for hire are fitted with energy-saving LED lights and timed heating systems you will also be saving on energy costs.

Versatility and adaptability

Portable cabins to rent are able to be used for a range of purposes and have the versatility to be customised to suit the needs of the users – we can connect mains services to allow for heating and air conditioning, kitchenettes, toilets and showers and many more. They are also flexible in being able to be set up in a huge array of locations, from construction zones to educational sites, to offer additional office space or even accommodation.


Our portable cabins are made from the highest quality products to ensure that they are long-lasting and able to withstand all weather conditions and even be relocated as necessary. Each of the portable cabins to hire is suitable for long-term as well as short-term use as they are sufficiently durable to withstand years of use – easily enough to see you through your rental contract.

Why choose to hire a portable cabin from MPB?

MPB always uses the highest quality materials for their portable cabins to hire. The timber we use is a higher grade C24 and our plastisol steel panels are backed with the more durable and non-combustible Multi-pro board as standard and not plywood.

We use Firestone Building Products roof blanket and all of the floor, walls and roof are fully insulated. All wiring is low smoke LSF cable and the heaters are Lot20a compliant. Our doors are steel with a 10-point multi-locking system to ensure the security of your assets and team. Every element of our portable cabins is designed and built to the highest standards, with quality materials whilst keeping the costs affordable. This attention to quality and detail, as well as the customer service that we pride ourselves on, are what has helped to build the reputation of Midlands Portable Buildings as one of the foremost suppliers of portable cabins to hire and purchase.

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Our Services

Whether you’re looking for new modular buildings or refurbished buildings, MPB has a solution. We manufacture buildings, with quality products, to meet all regulations and health and safety standards. We also specialise in modifying them to your specifications and requirements, whether they are new units or used and refurbished. Our services cover every element of the installation:

  • Design and planning
  • Manufacture and modification
  • Groundwork preparation
  • Planning application and building regulations
  • Full installation, snagging and handover
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Have more questions?

What portable modular buildings are available for hire?

Portable modular buildings for hire come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so it is easy to find one that suits your requirements. Some of the most common types of portable buildings for hire are offices, classrooms, workshops, canteens, toilet and shower blocks, welfare units and more. To find out the range of buildings we offer for hire at MPB, see our hire page.

How long can I hire a portable building for?

It is possible to hire a portable building for a long time, although we usually make it clear to customers that if they are likely to want the building for more than two years, it is cheaper in the long run for them to purchase it outright.

What is the minimum time I can hire a building for?

The minimum time that a portable building can be hired for is six months or 26 weeks.

Where can you deliver the building to?

We are centrally located, with great transport links and are able to deliver a portable building anywhere in the country – from the Scottish Highlands to the tip of Land’s End in Cornwall.

Can you modify the interior of hire buildings?

Yes, we can modify and customise the interior of the modular building you want to hire to suit your requirements. Whether you require new partitioning, connection to mains services, the installation of kitchenettes, toilet and shower facilities or other modifications – get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our expert team.

Is there the option to purchase the building if we like it?

Yes, if you wish to purchase the portable building you have been hiring, we can make arrangements to enable you to buy it. Just get in touch with a member of our team to discuss purchase options.

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