Modular Buildings in Derby

Derby has a rich industrial heritage and can lay claim to having the world’s first fully mechanised factory – Derby Silk Mill – which was built in 1721. Over 300 years later, the city is still at the forefront of national development, having recently been named as the location of the new Great British Railways’ headquarters, placing it at the centre of Britain’s rail network. With so much growth in the area, businesses may find they need more space, and quickly, which is where MPB, and our modular buildings for Derby businesses, come in.
Modular Buildings in Derby

Modular Buildings in Derby: Why Choose MPB?

So what’s a modular building, and why choose MPB to supply one? Well, modular buildings are buildings created in controlled circumstances inside a factory and then delivered to their location in a state of near completion. Their popularity has soared recently as they offer a more affordable way to create new space, whether those are offices, changing rooms or healthcare facilities – the list goes on.

On top of their lower cost, they are extremely popular for their ease of installation, green credentials and potential to be expanded with more modules. It’s a whole new way of creating space, and MPB (Midlands Portable Buildings) has been at the forefront of the modular revolution since 2005. Our unparalleled expertise means we can design, create and install the perfect addition to your business or institution in a fraction of the time it would take for a traditionally built construction.

With a comprehensive range of services that cover everything from obtaining planning permissions to custom design and rapid installation, we offer a straightforward experience that keeps disruption to an absolute minimum. We’re also renowned for our dedication to customer satisfaction, making us the all-round best choice for businesses looking for modular office buildings in Derby.

Our Derby Modular Building Process

Step 01 – Designing Your Bespoke Building

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t create your modular building around the people who will use it, so we begin every project with a thorough dive into what the building needs to bring to your business or institution. From offices and classrooms to changing rooms, medical consultation rooms and beyond, your modular building will meet your exact specifications, inside and out.

Step 02 – Planning and Compliance

In our many years of crafting modular buildings, we’ve found that one of the most off-putting steps to prospective clients happens before a single screw has been tightened – obtaining planning permission. That’s why our experienced team can do this for you, from initial application to final approval. We handle the full process – which usually takes around 8 to 12 weeks – so you can focus on your business.

Step 03 – Groundworks and Manufacturing

The appeal of modular buildings lies in their affordability and versatility. MPB accelerates your project’s timeline by simultaneously preparing your site in Derby and manufacturing your building at our state-of-the-art facility. This significantly shortens the time from concept to completion, getting your new building operational much faster than traditional construction methods allow.

Step 04 – Installation

When the groundworks are complete in Derby and your building is complete at our facility, we’ll transport all the components to your site for assembly. Our team of skilled engineers will then swiftly complete your building, allowing you to occupy your new installation in a matter of just a couple of weeks or so. With MPB, quality and efficiency are assured.

Step 05 – Handover And Snagging

The final step involves a meticulous snagging and handover phase, guaranteeing that your modular building is pristine and ready for use. This includes a review of the project, the provision of all necessary documentation and certifications, and the all-important handover of keys. With MPB’s proven approach, obtaining a modular building in Derby is straightforward and hassle-free.

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Modular Buildings

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Modular Buildings Derby | FAQs

Can You Deliver Modular Buildings to The Centre of Derby?

We have extensive experience in delivering our modular buildings to locations all over the UK, from the busiest city centres to the quietest rural locations. Wherever you need your modular building to be installed, MPB will get it there safely, securely and with the bare minimum of fuss.

What Is Required to Install a Modular Building in Derby?

On the site side, ground preparation will include laying foundations and establishing connections to utilities – gas, water and electric as needed – ready for your building to be constructed. Administration-wise, the right permits, planning permissions and regulations need to be met. Everything else happens in our specialist off-site facility.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Install a Modular Office Building in Derby?

Generally, yes, especially for installations intended as permanent. MPB can offer comprehensive support in navigating Derby’s planning permission process, if you select our turnkey process, ensuring that all legal and regulatory requirements are met, and saving you the stress.

Can I Customise My Modular Building?

Absolutely! This is one of the most attractive reasons to invest in a modular building – they are highly customisable. We pride ourselves on delivering highly bespoke modular buildings, and from design to functionality, we work closely with you throughout the process to ensure your building meets your exact specifications, both inside and out.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Portable Building?

This can vary based on the size and complexity of the job, but in all instances, it should be much quicker and more financially accessible than traditional building methods. When you enquire about a modular building for your Derby premises, we’ll be able to provide a much more specific timeline.