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Modular Buildings in Liverpool

With a proud history and strong identity, the beautiful city of Liverpool is experiencing a cultural renaissance thanks to its urban regeneration efforts in the last few years. Bustling, diverse and growing, MPB’s modular buildings in Liverpool can help rapidly growing businesses and organisations expand quickly and brand-new businesses establish themselves in a place where space is at a premium and the project is time critical.
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Modular Buildings Liverpool – Why Choose MPB?

We provide modular building in Liverpool for an extensive range of building types. We have been providing our turnkey services since 2005 to bring your vision to life. Our commitment to exceeding clients’ expectations is what MPB specialise in, and we guarantee every aspect of your modular building will do exactly that.

Compared to other companies, we never compromise on the materials we use, with our team utilising C24-grade timber compared to weaker and less durable plywood. We also provide your Liverpool modular building with high levels of insulation and Firestone building products, ensuring comfortable year-round use and effective safety. In addition to these features, benefit from secure locking doors and windows, eco-friendly fittings and a range of optional extras, from HVAC systems and roller shutters to ramps and steps to enable amazing accessibility.

We take every aspect of your requirements on board throughout our turnkey services. We ensure your vision is fully brought to life, with our team handling all aspects of the arduous planning permission and building regulations stage on your behalf.

MPB is committed to creating the very modular environment you need, down to the exact size, functionality and aesthetics. Our services are efficient, with minimal disruption occurring for your operations, as well as being affordable without ever compromising on your vision.

Our Modular Building Process

Step 01 – Design Phase

Bespoke solutions are what we excel at. Every modular building project at MPB begins with a thorough design phase that starts with fully understanding your unique requirements. Only then do we begin the process of designing your ideal solution, be it a new or used modular building, and only when you are completely happy do we move to the next step.

Step 02 – Planning and Compliance

While you are more than welcome to seek your own planning permissions and permits, we understand how much of a headache this can be and will happily take care of this tricky process on your behalf – especially as this step can take 8 to 12 weeks to complete.

Step 03 – Groundworks and Manufacturing

One of the biggest advantages of modular buildings beyond their cost is that they can be built and installed in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditionally. We further expedite this process by commencing groundwork preparation at your site at the same time as the manufacturing of your modular building takes place in our dedicated facility.

Step 04 – Installation

When your completed modular components have been delivered to your fully prepared site, our hugely experienced engineers will assemble your new building in just a few weeks. You’re custom-designed portable building will then be ready for its new life.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

The process ends with our comprehensive snagging and handover process, including post-construction site restoration, where any final issues are promptly sorted and all the keys, certificates and other paperwork are handed over. Whatever your sector, an MPB modular building in Liverpool is the ideal way to create more space in your business or organisation.

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Modular Buildings

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Modular Buildings for Liverpool FAQs

Can You Deliver Modular Buildings to the Centre of Liverpool?

Yes, we have extensive experience in delivering our modular buildings to many different sites, including city centre sites that may have specific access challenges or requirements. Leave it to us and we’ll ensure your building arrives promptly and with the least possible amount of disruption, wherever you are in Liverpool.

What is Required to Install a Modular Building in Liverpool?

Installation typically involves site preparation, foundation work and connection to utilities. Our expert team manages all these aspects, ensuring compliance with local standards and a smooth setup for your new modular building.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Install a Modular Building in Liverpool?

Yes, planning permission is often necessary, especially for modular structures that will be in situ for longer than what could be classed as temporary. We can guide you through the application process or even take care of it for you, ensuring all legal requirements and building codes are met.

Can I Customise a Portable Modular Building?

This is what we do – highly bespoke modular building creation or refurbishment. We have a lot of experience in this field and are confident that whatever you need your portable building in Liverpool to achieve, we can deliver it on time, on budget and to your exact specification, inside and out.