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Modular Canteens

Our modular canteens are the number one solution for creating additional means of serving and enjoying food across various educational facilities and businesses, with prefabricated and modular construction methods making these efficiently built buildings, which MPB will deliver and install on your site in the shortest possible time.
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Modular Canteens

What is a Modular Canteen?

A modular canteen is a portable building for dining and serving food that is built from modular sections built off-site, and then delivered and installed by our team at your facility. We fit many different appliances in our portable canteens all of which can be tailored to your specific needs thanks to the modular design.

From kitchenette features, including fridges, ovens and gas cookers, to dining areas for accommodating a wide range of people, they are ideal for expanding your environment in a short space of time, as well as benefiting from being relocated without any demolition needing to take place. Many industries can benefit from our range of modular canteens, from schools, universities and colleges to construction sites, military bases and industrial facilities that require a convenient and flexible dining space.

With rapid construction, cost-effective designs, highly customisable options and the ability to adapt to changing requirements, MPB is the company to choose.

Why Choose MPB for Your Portable Canteen Solutions?

Since 2005, we have been providing sectors with the best possible services to help them expand their special building needs with modular canteens and other portable buildings. We work all over the UK and can deliver a portable canteen to your site no matter where you are, from the very Northern peaks of Scotland, the lush valleys of Wales to the sprawling cities of England.

Unlike many competitors, the materials we use will see your modular canteen have the durability and longevity it deserves, with our team using premium C24 timber and plastisol steel panels featuring high-grade, non-combustible Multi-pro boards. Indeed, to improve safety substantially we also utilise roof blankets and line the walls and roofs with insulation, enabling all-year-round use.

We are proud to have nearly two decades of exceeding client expectations and building a strong reputation nationwide with customers using our services again and again.

Our services are truly turnkey with everything you could hope for completed with efficiency and expertise. We help take care of the planning permission and building regulations regarding your modular canteen, helping you choose the right cladding, delivering or relocating your canteen and refurbishing them as well as our expert engineering team completing all groundworks, interior fit outs and exterior utility connections. Working with MPB delivers you the full package.

Our process

Step 01 – Design Stage

We bring to life a design that suits you. We provide bespoke assistance with the design of your portable canteen and create a design that falls under your budget constraints and a final plan that will lead to a quotation. With your design approved, we will visit your site to conduct a survey.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

We understand the headache of planning permission and regulations. That’s why we can assist in applying on your behalf, making the 8-12 week process less arduous and leaving you with less to worry about.

Step 03 – Groundworks and manufacturing

Once planning permission has been approved, we begin our speedy process of constructing the modular sections of your portable canteen at our facility, sticking exactly to your design. Our engineering team will also visit your site and begin all groundwork, including ducting and drainage with both processes working efficiently together, minimising operational disruption.

Step 04 – Installation

Once the prefabricated sections are built, we deliver and install them on your site in the UK, adhering to all safety and building codes, in addition to completing all internal and external works of the building. Our streamlined process means you’ll be ready for handover in no time.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

We will extensively check all aspects of your modular canteen are functioning as they should, with any issues flagged and corrected before handover. Once checked to our high standards, the keys and building certifications will be yours to use and enjoy.

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Advantages of Using Modular Canteen Buildings

Reduced Construction Time

Take advantage of the reduced construction time needed for portable canteen buildings, leaving you with a sophisticated and functional dining experience in less than half the time traditional buildings would take as well as reduced costs that come with brick-and-mortar methods. Our tandem process of constructing the modular sections and groundworks also ensures absolute minimal disruption to your site and business.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Recyclable, reusable and relocatable – all these benefits come with our modular canteens. We enable industries to meet their goals for sustainable practices and solutions, helping them to expand with modular buildings made from eco-friendly materials. Benefit from energy-saving utilities and fixtures and MPB delivering your modular sections all in one day – reducing carbon emissions.

Enhanced Safety

We construct our modular canteens in a controlled factory environment and undergo strict control measures. These include adhering to all necessary building codes, health and safety standards and ensuring the final product we deliver, and install, is built with passion and expert precision.

Greater Customisation

No two modular canteens from MPB will be the same. We strive to bring your vision to life and our design process is bespoke to your requirements. Everything from the layout, features, fixtures, cladding and the length of use is all down to you. If you only need the portable canteen for a short period, opt to have it relocated or refurbished.

Optional Extras for Your Permanent or Portable Canteen Building

Echoing our benefit of customisation, the choices for optional extras are extensive from MPB. Our range of extra features can truly enhance the functionality, comfort and security of your modular canteen, helping to create diverse ways of using it. Our services and modular buildings are a way for you to expand, and our optional extras can be installed from the very beginning or further down the line. Security features such as window guards help to deter break-ins and accidental damage, while roller shutters provide extra security for those located in remote areas.

Your modular canteen can also be fitted with toilet areas, helping to accommodate users even more so, as well as cladding to improve the aesthetics in conjunction with improving insulation. Set a comfortable canteen environment with air-conditioning and add extra furniture to accommodate growing users. Accessibility features, such as ramps and steps mean all manner of people can use our buildings too.

Relocating a portable canteen is easily done with our services, with us arranging all transport for you with your canteen reaching and being installed at its new destination with efficiency. We alleviate the need for you to organise further logistics creating hassle-free solutions for your diverse requirements.

Available Options

Relocating a portable canteen is easily done with our services, with us arranging all transport for you with your canteen reaching and being installed at its new destination with efficiency. We alleviate the need for you to organise further logistics creating hassle-free solutions for your diverse requirements.
Our wide range of optional extras is here to support you and your needs, helping to reflect the individuality of your modular canteen.

  • Cladding
  • Roller Shutters
  • Toilets
  • Benches
  • Window Guards
  • Furniture
  • Air-conditioning
  • Ramps and Steps

Modular Canteens FAQs

How much does a modular canteen cost?

The final price of your modular canteen will be down to the specific features it possesses as well as any optional extras. We ensure we stick to your budget and tailor our designs to it, meaning you are never left out of pocket. You will receive a quotation after the design stage has been completed get in touch for a personal quote for your specific modular canteen needs.

How long does it take to build a modular canteen?

Compared to traditional building methods and construction, the time to build a modular canteen is typically 4-8 weeks, depending on certain conditions. We work as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality to ensure minimal disruption and for you to use your modular canteen in quick succession. For exact lead times, get in touch with one of us here at MPB.

Do I need planning permission for a portable canteen building?

If you plan on using your portable canteen for more than 28 days, you will have to apply for planning permission. Serving food is also a factor that will typically require planning permission. The lead times for applying are usually between 8 and 12 weeks, and as a part of our services, we conduct all applications on your behalf.

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