Modular Construction Vs Traditional Construction

Offering construction time savings of around 50%, modular construction is undoubtedly a firm favourite when it comes to saving time on construction methods. A process in which a building is constructed off-site and then transported as a complete component to its permanent site. Usually, a faster construction process than that of traditional construction methods, traditional construction is the process where foundations are laid on site and construction is done all in one place.

Modular Construction

Construction of Modular Buildings is Faster Than Traditional Builds

As mentioned above, modular construction is usually completed within 50% of the time of traditional construction methods. The majority of the construction of modular buildings is done in a factory by skilled workers, including all windows, walls and even interiors and not on-site like traditional methods of construction.

With much of the build being constructed off-site and the complete project usually coming in 50% quicker than traditional construction, modular construction is usually a popular choice for developers looking to produce buildings quickly and return on their investments. Unlike traditional methods of construction, modular buildings are unlikely to be affected by bad weather, which in traditional construction would usually slow down the building and cause delays or disruption.

For completion, the building is transported to the site, fixed in place and the keys are handed over. All snagging procedures that would usually take place on traditional construction projects are completed before leaving the factory and transported to the site.

Reduced Environmental Impact Than Traditional Construction

A more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction methods, modular construction is significantly more energy-efficient thanks to its use of sustainable materials and the creation of less waste. As modular buildings are constructed in a factory, there are significantly fewer material deliveries, reducing emissions and the building’s carbon footprint. Additionally, there are less transportation costs due to one final delivery of the completed construction.

Sustainable materials are another reason why modular building construction is a more environmentally friendly choice, usually created from materials such as timber, a sustainable choice due to its appropriate harvesting, its reusability and the ability of the factory to use recycled materials or cross utilise materials needed.

Modular Construction is Safer and More Efficient

Safety considerations in the comparison of modular vs traditional construction, there is a clear winner. With modular construction, factory conditions provide greater control over the build. As mentioned above, poor weather can have a significant impact on traditional construction, whereas with modular building construction, there is no risk of weather damage to components of the build and/or risk of harm to workers.

Materials can be impacted during construction, with modular builds, a factory environment provides security that building materials won’t be damaged. A factory building environment also allows for a tighter quality control process, as the overall construction process is being handled in a highly controlled setting, which is beneficial as there is no on-site disruption or mess, unlike traditional construction methods.

Improved Energy Efficiency Compared to Traditional Construction

Designed to be built as energy efficient as possible from the outset, modular building construction is usually created with better insulation than traditional construction. Filled with mostly energy-efficient and climate-control features, modular buildings are created with reduced energy consumption in mind.

Modular buildings are generally airtight and require substantially less gas and electricity to fuel, meeting the latest energy performance parameters set by the UK Government Building Regulations. The energy efficiency benefits of modular construction can have a sizable positive benefit on organisations that may be struggling with the continual rise of energy costs within the UK.

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