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Modular Football Changing Rooms

Modular football changing rooms are the ideal way to provide the comfort and amenities a successful sports team needs without the tedious wait for a traditional brick-and-mortar building to be constructed. Modular changing rooms come with benches, lockers, toilets and showers and can be decorated to match your team’s colours. Visit MPB and browse our range of football changing rooms for sale to discover the perfect facility for you.
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Modular Football Changing Rooms

Our Modular Football Changing Rooms

Modular football changing rooms are the greener way to provide all the needs for your sports team, at a much lower price. They come in a variety of sizes, can be tailored to suit the requirements of regular users and are sturdy and vandal proof.

Not only are these changing rooms adaptable and accessible, but they are also portable, so can be used as a temporary fix if you are having renovations at your home ground, or if your team are moving home, you can literally move home. Take it with you!

A typical brick-and-mortar changing room can take a while to construct, leaving your ground looking like a building site. Modular football changing rooms are constructed offsite and delivered ready to install, which can be completed within a day.

Why Choose MPB For Your Club’s Changing Room Facilities?

At MPB, we value quality and the personable approach which extends to all our client communication, helping us understand exactly what you want and what you need, and we have been implementing this approach for nearly 20 years. We have been providing high-end modular units for companies throughout the UK in a range of industries, including classrooms for education, cabins for building sites, offices for Alton Towers and numerous temporary Covid testing units during the pandemic.

The fantastic thing about modular buildings is they come in a range of dimensions, meaning they can be adapted to your available space and be delivered ready to go.

Our experienced team are full of knowledge and always draws on this to ensure each of our customers gets the ideal unit for their needs and budget. We always give a true estimate of the total cost before work commences and are always available to support our customers with any questions or queries.

Our sports and football changing rooms can be tailored to all your needs, and, for an even more cost-effective solution, we offer a wide range of used modular units, so are likely to have an ideal structure for you at a fraction of the price. We also complete all planning and compliance to ensure your modular unit meets all regulations and planning permissions are signed off.

Our process

Step 01 – Design phase

The first step in our process to perfect modular football changing rooms is creating your design based on your requirements and desires. We will then provide you with an obligation-free quote, and once you are happy to proceed, we will visit your site to check for access issues and assess the available area.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

The next stage in the process requires planning permission and building regulation applications. These can take between 8 to 12 weeks to complete, but we offer a service to manage the whole process, and our experience can ensure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Step 03 – Groundworks and manufacturing

Once planning permission has been granted, our expert team of manufacturers will begin the construction of your modular football changing room offsite and to your specifications, whilst our onsite team will prepare all the groundworks, including the foundations, drainage, ducting and connections to the mains. Both processes will run concurrently making it highly efficient.

Step 04 – Installation

Your bespoke changing room is then delivered to your site and our professional team will install it, ensuring placement and connections are all correct. The interior and exterior fittings can then begin and the whole process will typically be completed within a few weeks.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

The final step will be to check and complete all snagging tasks to your satisfaction before handing over the keys and all building certificates so you can give your first team talk in your new surroundings.

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How Modular Football Changing Rooms Can Benefit Your Club

A Cost-Effective Changing Room Solution

There are many reasons why modular football changing rooms are considered a much more cost-effective solution to traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, including lower construction time, less material waste, lower design and engineering costs, reduced labour requirements and they are highly energy efficient, helping to lower your ongoing energy bills. At MPB, we also supply a wide range of used modular units which is a fantastic way to save even more money.

Greater Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

As mentioned above, modular buildings are a fantastic way to improve your energy efficiency whilst being incredibly eco-friendly. Often built with superior insulation materials and techniques, their thermal insulation is greatly enhanced helping to regulate the temperature with less need for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Most modern modular buildings are also constructed from sustainable or recycled materials which reduces waste and environmental impact.

Quick Construction

Modular football changing rooms offer a faster construction timeline compared to traditional builds thanks to several key factors in the construction process, such as pre-planning and design minimising unexpected issues, off-site construction allowing simultaneous site preparation, groundworks and manufacturing. Also, being built inside means they are not affected by the weather, helping manufacturers stick to a schedule.

Enhanced Design Flexibility

Modular buildings offer several unique advantages over traditional buildings in terms of flexibility for the construction of football changing rooms. One of the most obvious benefits is they are portable and can be easily relocated to a new ground or repositioned at your current location. They are incredibly scalable, so if your club were to grow, perhaps integrating teams of different age groups, expanding the facilities to cater for the extra users wouldn’t be an issue. They can also be adapted inside with minimal fuss to create more space or add new functions or features and are customisable to suit your team’s colours or logos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your modular football changing rooms with showers water-resistant?

All our shower-installed modular buildings are designed to be watertight. They are connected to the main water supply and the sewage system, so they operate just like a shower in a typical building.

How long does it take to design, build and install a modular football changing room?

The timeline to design, build and install modular football changing rooms can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the size of the facility, site-specific considerations, customisations and whether it is a new or used structure. For a more accurate estimate of the time it will take, talk to a member of our friendly team about your unique plans.

Will I require planning permission to install a modular changing room?

Yes, there are certain planning permissions you will need in place before work begins on your modular changing room. These may vary between local authorities but, at MPB, we have a wealth of experience in handling these matters and can offer this as a service to all our customers.

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