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Leisure And Modular Gym Buildings

Modular buildings are a cost-effective and efficient way of adding space to your facilities without the hassle of a construction site and the amount of time it takes. Both gyms and other leisure facilities can benefit significantly from investing in modular gym buildings or prefabricated spaces.
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Modular Page Gyms and Leisure

What are Modular Leisure Buildings?

Like every other modular building, modular gyms are buildings that are manufactured off-site and are made from prefabricated modules that can be swiftly assembled on-site to meet your needs. This type of construction can allow for complete customisation of space, so your new modular gym building will suit your specific needs with spaces that will enhance your members’ experience.

At MPB, we are one of the UK’s leading modular gym building suppliers, and we offer a diverse range of modular buildings that will help you with your leisure or gym expansion. Modular construction allows for a variety of combinations and provides you with rapid access to the space you need, unlike traditional construction methods.

Why Choose MPB for Your Modular Leisure Building Solutions?

A family-run business, Midlands Portable Buildings has been leading the way in modular buildings since 2005 and has a strong commitment to supplying our customers swiftly and within budget. With the energy, expertise and experience to completely manufacture and install gym and leisure facilities, our modular buildings are created from only the highest quality materials.

Prioritising comfort without compromising on safety, all of our modular gym buildings are fitted with Firestone Building Products, such as floor and wall insulation and roof blankets, that make our modular buildings fit for use all year round, so you can be sure your members are having the best workout, whatever the weather.

At MPB, we have a selection of wide transportation links that allow us to supply the majority of the UK with the best modular gyms in the nation. We have built a credible reputation with all of our clients, who come back to us time after time. In choosing MPB for your modular building needs you can rest assured that we will offer you high-security locking systems, including install setups tailored to your business.

At Midlands Portable Buildings, we always aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to modular gym buildings. Providing you with the perfect fusion of reliability, quality and affordability, so you can have the very best from your gym or leisure building.


Our process

Step 01 – Design

We care about your needs. For this reason, at the initial phase of the process, we work with you to create a design that meets your needs. After you approve the design, we will send you a quote and visit your location to evaluate it and determine whether any access limitations need to be removed.

Step 02 – Compliance and Planning

Before beginning any construction, applications for all building requirements and planning authorisation are required. We provide a complete service to handle the application procedure if you are not sure where to begin. This can take roughly 8 to 12 weeks.

Step 03 – Manufacturing and Groundwork

Once all planning is approved, here at MPB we can begin the process of manufacturing your modular gym or leisure building. Your building will be crafted exactly to your specifications, ensuring you get exactly what you need from your modular building. We will help out with all construction, including our team being present on site to complete all groundwork, preparing the foundations, drainage, ducting and all mains services connections.

Step 04 – Installation

Once the groundwork is completed and your modular gym building has been constructed, installation can take place. Your modular building will be delivered to your site, with all labour and machinery required. All external works of the building will be scheduled and then performed ready for handover.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

When it comes to the final steps, we will ensure all snagging tasks are completed and checked to ensure you are completely satisfied with your prefab gym building. Once this has been completed, we will hand over the keys and all building certifications, so you can begin to use your modular gym or leisure building.

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Advantages of Modular Gym Buildings

Customisation and Flexibility

All our modular leisure and gym buildings available to purchase can be completely customised to meet your specific needs and requirements, meaning we can provide you with tailored solutions for your business. By investing in a totally bespoke modular gym, you can ensure you are able to enhance your members’ experience whilst encouraging new ones by providing more extensive facilities. With modular buildings you can easily benefit from relocating at your convenience, should you need to.

Enhanced Durability

Gyms, leisure buildings and sports facilities experience a high level of traffic and intense use. Our modular buildings at MPB are crafted with the highest quality materials and undergo thorough quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures that our modular gyms and other modular buildings are durable and truly robust, withstanding the most stringent of activities. Not only that but our modular gym buildings are also designed specifically to meet all building regulations and codes, ensuring your gym has complete compliance and follows all the correct safety measures.

Quick Modular Gym Building Installation

When choosing a modular building, you are choosing a swift solution that will allow your business to keep ticking at a fast pace. Modular construction has a significantly high-speed timescale in comparison to traditional construction methods. All modules for our modular buildings are constructed in-house, allowing for equal construction processes. So, during the time your building is being fabricated, your site can undertake all the necessary preparations, resulting in a swift installation process. Meaning, you’re up and running in no time!

Easily Expandable and Adaptable

Leisure and gym buildings need to evolve and grow to match your members’ requirements, and this can be subject to change on a regular basis. Investing in modular buildings is not only a more affordable and eco-friendly option but also extremely easy to adapt and expand as and when you need to. Modules can be faultlessly added to accommodate any increasing demands or changing needs of your gym. This brilliant scalability allows you to adjust your space as required without any disruptions or limitations that you would experience with traditional construction.

Optional Extras for Your Permanent or Portable Gym Building

Here at Midlands Portable Buildings, we offer a variety of optional extras that will enhance your gym or leisure building. Our range of features can substantially improve your modular gym’s useability and security.

By working with us, you can grow your gym’s facilities and reputation, with the ability to change, adapt and add even more extras to the initial design or later on in the creation process. In adding additional elements of security, such as window guards and roller shutters, prevention of break-ins and accidents is taken to the next level to ensure your property is completely safe, especially those in isolated locations.

Available Options

To ensure you’re fully equipped, all of our modular buildings can be fitted with a choice of cladding that can enhance the insulation, as well as the aesthetic.

Air conditioning can help keep your members comfortable during their workouts, with additional features such as toilets and any required furnishings you’d like to include.

Accessibility is crucial, adding features such as steps and ramps enables a wide range of people to access and utilise your facilities.

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Modular Buildings

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