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Modular Marketing Suites

A modular marketing suite is a flexible and adaptable building intended to function as a marketing and sales office for businesses, property managers and real estate developers, either temporarily or semi-permanently. Modular construction techniques are used to build these suites, with prefabricated modules being installed on-site, by our team at MPB, and combined to produce a visually appealing and useful area for showcasing properties, engaging with clients and conducting marketing activities.
Modular Marketing Suites

What is a Modular Marketing Suite?

A modular marketing suite is a portable and versatile solution for establishing a compelling presence at new locations, showcasing properties and conducting your sales and marketing strategies. The team at MPB constructs and installs portable marketing suites with speed and expertise and utilises the very best, high-quality materials that echo durability and sustainability.

They can be adapted and customised to specific needs, particularly in industries such as real estate, where agility and effective marketing are crucial for success. With a portable marketing suite, you can take your business wherever you like and leave a lasting impression that traditional building methods simply can’t offer.

Why Choose MPB for Your Modular Marketing Suite Solutions?

With years of experience, MPB has installed many modular marketing suites that are all expertly made with the highest attention to quality and longevity. We make use of the best materials available, unlike competitors who often opt for plywood, whereas we utilise C24 grade timber, and we employ Multi-Pro board, which acts as a durable and non-combustible support for our sturdy plastisol steel panels.

We believe in quality and tailored solutions for our clients whilst combining the very best safety features with our modular marketing suites. It’s your portable marketing suite, so it should be aesthetically, functionally and comfortably suited to your bespoke needs.

We fit them with floor and wall insulation to ensure they are fit for purpose throughout all seasons, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer in addition to installing Firestone Building Products roof blankets, enabling the highest level of protection.

Extra warmth can be sourced from Lot20a-compliant heaters and safe electricity wired with low-smoke LSF cables. You can also be sure all your assets will be safe and secure thanks to our high-security 10-point multi-locking system attached to our steel doors.

Beyond our quality materials and safety measures, a portable marketing suite from MPB is available in various sizes and features multiple customisation options that will exceed your expectations of what a modular marketing suite can bring to the table.

Our process

Step 01 – Design phase

We take your needs seriously and work with you to create a design that meets your goals throughout the first step in our process. Once you are satisfied with the design, we will send you a quote and visit your site to evaluate it for any access constraints.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

Before starting any construction, applications for all building requirements and planning permission are required. We provide a complete service to handle the application procedure if you are unsure where to begin. This can take between 8 to 12 weeks.

Step 03 – Groundworks and manufacturing

Following the approval of the planning permission, we start building your modular marketing suite according to your bespoke design specifications. We assist with every facet of the building process, from dispatching a team to finish the groundwork on site to arranging foundations, ducting, drainage and mains utility connections.

Step 04 – Installation

After constructing your modular marketing suite off site, we deliver it to your location where our skilled crew will piece the modular pieces together and install it. We ensure everything fits as it should and start work on installing all external and internal fixtures so you can utilise them in a matter of weeks.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

Every snagging activity that has been flagged is examined and finished to guarantee your satisfaction. You will receive all building certifications and the keys to your fantastic portable marketing suite ready for you to use.

Advantages of Using Modular Marketing Buildings

Minimal Construction Time

Modular marketing suites offer the distinct advantage of being exponentially faster to build than traditional methods. We build your portable marketing suite off site, bringing minimal disruption to your business operation.

Eco-Friendly Solution

We strive to help all our clients hit their sustainability targets and you can do just that with our modular marketing suites made from green, recyclable materials. Not only does the modular construction process generate less waste than traditional methods but we additionally make modular buildings energy efficient and they can be refurbished or recycled at the end of use.

Improved Safety

We always ensure the quality we bring with every portable marketing suite is paired with stringent control measures. We construct in our controlled factory environment and comply with high safety standards and building codes, resulting in a superior final product.

Enhanced Customisation

We’re all about tailored designs and flexible solutions and that’s what a modular marketing suite from us can bring. The design and interior and exterior features are down to you, plus, once your portable marketing suite becomes redundant, simply relocate to your new site to truly see a return on your investment.

Optional Extras for Your Permanent or Portable Marketing Suite

We aim to always accommodate our client’s needs, and we have a host of optional extras for you to choose from for your modular marketing suite. Offices are host to a wide range of people with different requirements, so we can install accessibility features, such as ramps and stairs, to meet these needs. Security features including window guards and roller shutters provide ample protection against accidental damage and break-ins.

To create a more comfortable environment while working, we can install air-conditioning and toilet areas and additional furniture for when the growth of your team calls for it.

Available Options

If you plan on relocating your modular office building, don’t settle for the hassle of organising multiple logistics – we take care of the whole process for you and can deliver and install your modular office with ease.

  • Roller shutters
  • Toilets
  • Furniture
  • Window guards
  • Air-conditioning
  • Ramps and steps
  • Turnkey contract service – The whole job is handled by us

Modular Marketing Suites FAQs

How much does a modular marketing suite cost?

The cost of modular marketing suites from MPB are some of the most competitive on the market and will range from different prices depending on your design, size and access restrictions. We always aim to meet your budget and stick to it and offer options for hiring and purchasing new modular buildings
as well as options for pre-owned portable marketing suits.

How long does it take to build a modular marketing suite?

The time scale of construction, delivery and installation is exponentially quicker than traditional building methods and can be completed in just a few weeks. After planning permission has been applied for and accepted, which typically takes around 8-12 weeks, we begin construction on your modular marketing suite as well as send out our expert team to conduct all preparatory groundwork to ensure when it’s time to deliver and install, your site will be fully prepared to handle all post-installation connections.

Do I need planning permission for a portable marketing suite?

The requirement for planning permission falls under several factors – any building that is being used for more than 28 days will need planning permission, as well as the modular building’s intended use, location and size. If you’re using your portable marketing suite for temporary means, you may not have to apply. One of our services includes assisting with all planning applications and building regulations, so you know you’ll have all legal matters attended to by our expert team.

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