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Portable Cabins

Relocatable and prefabricated, portable cabins are an excellent solution for immediate or longer-term additional space for a vast array of different uses. They are designed for easy transportation and set up, saving time and money that a traditional build can’t offer.
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Portable Cabins

Optional extras for your cabin

Optional extras can enhance functionality, comfort and security, including window guards and roller shutters for security, benches for internal surfaces or seating, a kitchenette to transform the space into a cosy break room or self-contained living unit or cladding to improve the aesthetics and enhance insulation.

Should you need to relocate your portable cabin, transport can be arranged to ensure that your cabin reaches its destination safely and is promptly installed.

Available Options

We have a comprehensive range of additional options to customise your portable cabin and ensure that your new installation meets all the requirements you have for your new space.

  • Window guards
  • Roller shutters
  • Benches
  • Cladding
  • Kitchenette
  • Transport
  • Toilets

Why go to MPB for portable cabins?

  • 20 years of experience
  • High-quality materials
  • Added security
  • Fully insulated


MPB is the expert in installing high-quality and durable portable and modular cabins, using only the best materials, including premium C24 grade timber and non-combustible Multi-pro board to ensure longevity.

Our portable and modular cabins for sale come with Firestone Building Products roof blankets, fully insulated floors, walls and roofs and our heaters are Lot20a compliant. Our doors feature a high-security 10-point multi-locking system, making our cabins not just comfortable but also secure.

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Our process

Step 01 – Design phase

We will collaborate with you to develop a design that satisfies your needs for your portable cabin and this will lead to a quotation. When you have fully approved these, we will visit your site to inspect the area and any access restrictions.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

The planning application will need to be applied for and usually takes 8 – 12 weeks after which a building regulation application is needed. You can choose to manage this yourself or avail yourself of our turnkey service to take care of it for you.

Step 03 – Groundworks and manufacturing

Following the approval of the planning application, the onsite team gets to work preparing the foundations, mains services, ducting and drainage while the manufacturing or refurbishment process starts offsite. Both tasks being undertaken simultaneously massively reduces the lead times.

Step 04 – Installation

Your portable cabin is delivered to your site along with the necessary engineers and equipment to install it. All interior and exterior building work will be planned and organised ready for the handing over of your new installation.

Step 05 – Handover and snagging

All snagging tasks will be identified and then taken care of to ensure your total satisfaction. When these are completed, the keys and all building certifications will be handed over for you to begin using your new portable building.

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Advantages of using portable cabins?

Quicker construction

As portable cabin buildings are constructed from prefabricated modules the whole process vastly reduces the construction time – offering a quick fix for pressing demands for accommodation of every kind. While onsite preparations are being made and the manufacture or modification of the building is being made offsite, the lead times are drastically reduced.


Compared to a traditional build, the manufacturing or refurbishment, as well as the installation of a portable building, is a much more cost-effective solution as it uses less labour and time for construction as well as fewer building materials – making it an extremely budget-friendly option for businesses or other organisations looking for an effective and competitive solution to additional space.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Prefab portable, modular cabins are a greener option than traditionally constructed buildings thanks to eco-friendly practices and the fact that the modular construction process produces far less waste than traditional construction. The materials used in the construction of our portable buildings also contribute to their energy efficiency.

Customisation and flexibility

Modern portable buildings can be customised or bespoke to extremely versatile designs to satisfy requirements for additional office space, classrooms, healthcare facilities and residential units to supply a wide range of needs. They can also be easily moved and relocated to a different site should the necessity arise.

Safety and quality

Modular portable buildings and their parts are all subject to extensive quality control procedures and are assembled in controlled factory settings. Using this method of construction ensures superior quality products that comply with building safety requirements, dependable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Less disruption

Modular portable cabin buildings are built offsite, reducing possible delays of weather or other factors which creates a higher certainty of completion times. Additionally, with less time spent on construction, there are fewer disruptions to daily operations onsite or for residents in populated areas.

Portable Cabin FAQs

What Are Portable Cabins?

Portable cabins are versatile structures, prefabricated offsite and transported and installed in various locations. They are the ideal quick and cost-effective space that can be used for temporary offices, housing, nurseries, classrooms and more.

What Material Are Your Portable Cabins Made From?

Our portable cabins are made from a variety of materials. Plastisol cabins are very popular along with cabins made of steel – however, they can be clad in timber or brick slip, or Clad-ex if new, which can mean that your steel portable buildings can seamlessly blend with the surrounding features or other buildings – and the additional cladding can add to the insulation of the building.

What Is the Difference Between a Portable Cabin and a Modular Building?

A portable cabin is typically a smaller, single-unit structure, often with integrated features like jack legs for uneven ground, and often used for temporary purposes. A modular cabin is constructed offsite of pre-fabricated sections, transported to the location and assembled. They typically require foundations due to their larger size and weight and are often considered a more permanent structure.

Do portable cabins require planning permission?

A portable cabin may require planning permission depending on its intended use, location and size as well as the duration of its placement. Always consult with your local council or one of our expert team members to find out if your project requires a planning application.

Can portable cabins be easily transported?

Yes, portable cabins for sale are designed with transportability in mind and several of their typical features such as compact design and integrated skids or frames make their relocation straightforward.

Do portable cabins require foundations?

Whether a portable cabin needs foundations entirely depends on the intended use, duration of placement and ground conditions. Get professional guidance for your unique situation by chatting with one of our expert team.

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