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Anti-vandal cabins

Anti-vandal cabins are specially designed portable structures that have enhanced security to prevent unauthorised access, damage or vandalism and they’re often used in locations where there is a higher risk of vandalism or theft.
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What are anti-vandal cabins?

Anti-vandal cabins are able to provide a solution where security is vitally important. Made from heavy-duty steel, and available in a variety of sizes and ranges of units they are designed to prevent unauthorised access, damage and vandalism or theft. They are often used in locations where security is a concern, such as remote construction sites or areas with a history of break-ins. They are extremely robust in construction and often have doors made of reinforced steel with multi-point locking systems, and windows made from toughened or shatterproof glass with security shutters. Windows may have metal grilles or mesh fitted externally to prevent them from being broken or entered through, and steel anti-vandal cabins typically have fewer windows and doors to reduce points of entry. Other security measures such as anti-tamper fixtures, security alarms and sloping roofs are all able to help safeguard equipment and personnel using the cabin.

Our process

Step 01 – Selection stage

Working with our team, we figure out what you need from your anti-vandal cabin – where it will be located, what amenities it needs, what it’ll be used for and for how long. This will lead to a quote and when you are completely happy with these steps, we will visit your site to check for the accessibility of the area and to assess any preparation needed.

Step 02 – Compliance stage

If your anti-vandal cabin is likely to be onsite for a lengthy period of time, and depending on the use that it will be put to, you are likely to need planning permission. Our expert team can advise you on this process and, if you prefer to use our service, will even deal with all the planning applications and regulations for you.

Step 03 – Preparation and production stage

When all compliance documents have been approved, our onsite team will prepare the area – depending on the length of time the cabin will be there – with foundations, mains services and any relevant ducting and drainage. Meanwhile, offsite the manufacturing of the anti-vandal cabin will be undertaken to create the specification or modification you require. Both processes happen at the same time to reduce the lead time.

Step 04 – Installation stage

The anti-vandal cabin you have bought or hired will now be delivered to your site with the relevant equipment and engineers to install the external and internal fittings. Anti-vandal cabins can be stacked, making a double-storey, and fitted out with toilets, kitchen areas and even furniture to create office spaces, restroom facilities and accommodation for construction workers or security personnel.

Step 05 – Handover stage

Final snagging tasks are checked and completed so the keys and regulatory certification can all be handed over and the cabin can begin to be used for its purpose. They are built to withstand harsh weather and are resistant to corrosion. As they are also easy to maintain and are designed to be recyclable or reusable as well as being easily transported and installed, they are very eco-friendly.

Advantages of anti-vandal cabins?

Low maintenance

Made from heavy-duty steel, our anti-vandal security units are extremely low maintenance. They are corrosion-resistant and will withstand chemicals and harsh weather conditions, meaning they need very little maintenance to keep them functioning for years to come. Whether you opt for a new or used anti-vandal cabin and whether you buy or hire, our range of corrugated or flat-sided steel cabins will need little to no maintenance, meaning you can get on with your project unhindered by maintenance or repairs.


Designed specifically with durability and security in mind, they are constructed from materials that are resilient to external threats and environmental conditions. Primarily made from heavy-duty steel, anti-vandal cabins are tough and resistant with welded seams to add structural strength. They are made durable with a combination of robust materials, intelligent design features and other specialised fixtures intended to deter vandalism and ensure the cabin’s longevity.

Flexible use

Anti-vandal cabins are a versatile and flexible solution to a wide range of needs as they can serve as offices, storage spaces, canteens, accommodation units, toilet blocks and more. They are also flexible in being extremely portable and relocatable, and with features such as jack legs can be adapted to any type of terrain. Another flexibility of the anti-vandal cabin is the ability to be customised and added to, thanks to its modular nature.


One of the primary ways that anti-vandal cabins are sustainable is they are reusable and relocatable which reduces the need for new materials. Being designed for durability, they have a long lifespan and the materials themselves are recyclable. With their modular design they can be produced with minimal waste and their compact design and ability to be stacked, is an efficient use of space. With the potential for eco-friendly add-ons such as solar panels and insulation to reduce the energy for heating or cooling, these anti-vandal security units are extremely sustainable.

Features of our anti-vandal units

Our anti-vandal units are made of heavy-duty steel and fitted with security doors and window shutters to ensure the security of the unit.

With the highest quality of materials, we fit our steel anti-vandal cabins with moisture-resistant materials such as heavy-duty flooring which can handle heavy loads – which is essential when used as site offices or storage areas with heavy equipment. We insulate the interiors with lined plasterboard for more effective heating and cooling and we use LED strip lights for cost saving. Every anti-vandal security unit is fitted with 13amp sockets to enable office and other equipment to be powered, and any plumbing and electrical connections we install for seamless use on handover.

Main uses for anti-vandal cabins

Anti-vandal cabins are versatile structures designed to provide secure and robust spaces for a vast array of applications – especially in environments that might be prone to theft or vandalism. One use is as a canteen or kitchen unit to offer workers and staff a safe place to take breaks and meals, particularly in remote or temporary sites.

Their strong construction makes them ideal for storage units to protect valuable equipment, tools or other materials from theft and damage, both natural and human. Anti-vandal security units are excellent welfare facilities, such as toilets and shower blocks, able to ensure that employees have access to necessary facilities which maintain morale and guarantee compliance with regulations, as well as providing sanitation for sites without permanent amenities. Building and agricultural projects also find them invaluable as they can provide site offices, storage for machinery or crops and even temporary accommodation for workers. The anti-vandal features of our cabins ensure the interiors remain safe, protected and functional regardless of the external environment, location and any other potential threats for all of these uses.

Have more questions?

What is an anti-vandal cabin?

An anti-vandal cabin is a specially designed structure meant to provide secure and robust spaces for various applications. It’s tailored to resist unauthorised access, potential damage, and any forms of vandalism. Such cabins are ideal for locations that may be exposed to theft or malicious damage, ensuring that the contents and occupants remain safe and protected.

What materials make it vandal-proof?

Anti-vandal cabins are primarily constructed using heavy-duty steel, reinforced at critical points. The doors are typically made thicker with enhanced security features, and the windows, if present, are protected with metal grilles or shutters. Welded seams and anti-tamper fixtures further ensure a structure resistant to breaches.

How is an anti-vandal cabin different from a standard cabin or container?

While standard cabins focus on functionality and portability, anti-vandal cabins prioritise security. Besides the robust materials, they include added security features like multiple-point locking systems, protective window grilles and often a more discreet appearance to deter unwanted attention.

What is the average lead time for installation?

The average lead time for installing an anti-vandal cabin largely depends on the provider and the specific requirements, but many can be delivered and set up within several weeks from the order date.

What sizes are available?

Anti-vandal cabins come in a variety of sizes to cater to different needs, from compact units suitable for small offices or storage spaces to larger structures that can accommodate canteens, meeting rooms or multiple office spaces.

Do you offer anti-vandal cabins with toilet facilities?

Yes, many providers offer anti-vandal cabins equipped with toilet facilities. These can range from basic units to more sophisticated setups with showers and other sanitation amenities.

How easy is it to get electricity and lighting in the anti-vandal cabin?

Most anti-vandal cabins come pre-wired for electricity and lighting. They typically have conduits and fixtures in place, allowing for straightforward connections to external power sources. With the help of qualified electricians, the cabin can be powered up efficiently.

Do the cabins come with heating?

Yes, many anti-vandal cabins are equipped with heating systems. Given their insulated construction, they can maintain temperature effectively, ensuring a comfortable environment even in colder climates.

Do you offer short-term rental of anti-vandal cabins?

Yes, we are able to offer short-term rentals of anti-vandal security units. To discuss your needs and the requirements of your project, get in touch with a member of our expert team

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