Portable Cabins – The Top 5 Benefits

Top five reasons to consider a Portable Cabin

1. Portable cabins are cost-effective.

If you want to create more space for your business on a budget, portable cabins are a superb solution to this problem. For a relatively low capital cost you can add anywhere from 100sq/ft (10sq/m) to 480sq/ft (43.2 sq) in a single unit.

They offer a budget-friendly alternative to building a permanent structure or renting / leasing extra commerical space.

Prices start from £3,950 for a new cabin and are available in 10 standard sizes.

You can also choose how you wish to procure the building, whether this be outright purchase, hire or financing the building.

2. You can customise your space.

Buildings can be customised to suit your requirements. Our plastisol steel range has 20 standard colours for the exterior of your building. You can alter the size of your windows and add more if required.

Want the unit to stand out further, why not add an external cladding to the building. We can offer, vinyl wrap, timber cladding or brickslip.

Inside the building we can add internal paritions to create the floor plan you need, cellular offices, kitcehen and toilets and be constructed to suit. We offer both vinyl and carpet flooring in a range of colours.

Inside of a portable cabin during installation

3. Grow your space Fast!

With lead times for manufacturing or refurbishing a portable cabin being anywhere from 4-8 weeks, there is little competition in terms of products that can match these timelines to create a fully functioning office, toilet block, changing room or marketing suite etc.

Units can be delivered to site, connected to mains services and made ready to use within as little as one day. Where else can you get access to fast space that is ready to use within one day?

The other benefit is that should you look to move premises in the future the building can be picked up and move with you, or sold so you can get a return on your investment.

4. High Quality Materials

Our use of high quality materials runs thoughout our entire portable cabins.

✔- All of our timber is a higher grade C24.
✔- Our plastisol steel panels are backed with the more durable and non-combustible Multi-pro board as Standard and not plywood.
✔- Our roof membranes are a Firestone Building Products roof blanket.
✔- All buildings have fully insulated floor, walls and roofs.
✔- All wiring is low smoke LSF cable.
✔- All heaters are Lot20a compliant.
✔- All doors are steel and have a 10-point multi locking system.

Units are designed and built to very high standards with quality materials whilst keeping costs affordable.

5. Portable Cabins offer volumetric flexibility.

If you ever needed to add to a previous portable cabin you have purchased from ourselves, our design and manufacture systems allow us to be able to stack another building on top, or by linking the units side by side.

We have supplied many portable cabin complexes. These offer full flexibility to scale up your accommodation to suit your requirements.