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Portable Changing Rooms

Portable Changing Rooms

High Quality Portable Changing Rooms

Are you looking to improve or extend your current changing facilities at your school or sports club? Do you need a modular or jackleg building to suit your exact requirements? Here at Midlands Portable Buildings Ltd, we offer high quality portable changing rooms. These are cost-effective solutions that will fulfil your every need.

Modular or jackleg changing rooms can be a valuable asset to any school or sports club. They are designed to be used by anyone, from students to staff or visiting teams/schools.

We can provide your school with excellent changing room facilities that any visiting school would be envious of. We also continue to supply high quality classroom spaces with our modular classrooms, offering a wide range of facilities to suit the biggest or smallest of schools or clubs.

Modular Changing Facilities

Modular buildings offer a flexible and affordable solution to provide you with the right type of environment for your training needs. Whether you are a school or sports club, we can create a high standard of changing facilities tailored to your exact requirements.

By choosing a modular building, you will be able to get a uniquely designed space that is far more cost-effective compared to traditional built structures. It is far less disruptive and installed at a quicker rate, which we know is always a bonus for schools trying to work towards deadlines!

Our buildings are also designed to be energy efficient. We install insulation within the walls, use LED lighting (which is cheaper to run) and heaters using timers – meaning you will not accidentally leave them on unnecessarily.

Let us create the perfect environment for your team/pupils and as a result, help them achieve improved performance levels.

modular changing rooms
portable changing rooms

Jackleg Changing Rooms

Our Jackleg portable changing rooms offer a business or sporting teams high quality, bright and welcoming areas for the occupants. We can supply sizes from 10’ x 8’ up to 40’ x 12’. As with our modular buildings, these can be laid out in a design of your choosing that suits your requirements.

Benefits of Jackleg

  • Faster Construction Time
  • Less Foundations Required
  • Can be linked to other Jackleg Cabins
  • Short or long term applications
  • Can include Toilets, Showers and DDA Facilities

Accessible Welfare Facilities

As part of our comprehensive range of modular changing rooms, we can create welfare areas specifically designed to suit those with additional needs.

  • DDA Toilets
  • Wet Rooms and Shower Facilities
  • Hoists
  • Changing Bench

Our aim is to provide you with buildings that can be used by everyone. Help us to create a space which is designed to suit all of your needs.

welface facilities
construction changing rooms

Construction Changing Rooms

Our construction changing rooms can be sold as a separate unit or part of a complex including canteens, offices and toilets. The units are built onto a robust steel structure we label as our anti vandal cabins. The steel structure of these units allow these buildings to be moved from location to location as part of a site complex.

Benefits of Anti Vandal Changing Rooms

  • More robust structure
  • Can be moved multiple times
  • Can be linked or stacked to other units
  • Short or long term applications
  • Can include toilets, showers and DDA facilities

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