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Portable Toilet Blocks and Shower Units

Mobile buildings aren’t just limited to office or classroom space, they can be effectively used as portable toilet blocks and shower units or changing rooms – they are the most versatile solutions, and best of all they are cost-effective and quick to install.
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Portable Toilet And Shower Units

What are our portable toilet cabins?

MPB is a family-run company that has been supplying and installing modular buildings for nearly two decades. Able to supply every portable building requirement from our central location to any part of the nation, we have vast experience in helping our wide variety of clients with modular buildings of every shape and size.

Portable toilet cabins and shower units are an ideal solution for those who have an urgent need for more facilities their existing building, whether that is for a school, sports club or other organisation. Portable shower and toilet buildings can be connected to a current building to create a seamless, integrated addition to your facilities, or stand-alone, and we connect your unit to mains water and sewage systems for a fully functioning and hygienic solution without compromising on quality. Whether you need a short-term solution or a more permanent installation, we have the experience and expertise to supply your portable toilet blocks and shower unit needs.

What are the benefits of portable toilet blocks and shower facilities?

Rapid installation

Often a need arises for extending facilities suddenly and portable toilet blocks and shower units are the quickest solution to those needs. Transported to your site ready for installation we connect the hot and cold running water as well as the sewage systems, meaning your additional facilities are ready to use in the shortest possible time.


Using traditional building methods to add extra toilets or showers for any building will take a long time and at a much higher cost than a portable toilet unit can provide. Portable toilet cabins and shower units can be purchased, or rented, both new and reconditioned and any of these options will be a fraction of the cost of a standard building project.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

The materials needed for producing portable toilet blocks and shower units are far fewer and less wasteful than a traditional building project, and the insulation materials, LED lighting and timed heaters used also make them energy efficient. Ultimately, whether the units are purchased and used long-term or for a short-term rental contract, they can be recycled or reused after their initial use has been fulfilled.


Whatever the requirements you have for your toilet and shower unit, whether to cater to diverse cultural or disabled users, we can customise it to your specifications. Whether you want gas or electric showers, partitions, lockers, benches, wall hooks as well as whatever you require for internal and external fittings – we can supply it.

Our accessible portable toilet cabins and showers are built to last

Portable toilet cabins and shower units don’t have to be temporary only. Our units are constructed with the highest quality materials, meaning that they can become a permanent solution if you’re looking for one.

However, if you’re looking for a shorter and less permanent solution, then a portable unit can be a quality and stylish solution to a short-term need as well. We have portable toilet blocks and shower units for sale and rental to suit every requirement. Should you need accessible DDA toilet facilities, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your needs are met to the highest standards – with ramped access and alarm systems. Our expert team of installers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers can ensure that your portable toilet and shower unit is installed and fitted out to the high standards of excellence that we hold ourselves to for every client.

Key features:

Our portable toilet cabins and shower units offer a wide range of features:

Toilets and urinals fitted

Partitioning and lockable cubicles

Hand wash basins

Gas or electric showers

LED lighting with sensors

Heating – timed to save costs

Interior and exterior finishes available for customisation

Furniture and fixtures available for your unique requirements

Manufactured to meet all building regulations


Rapid to install

Manufactured in the UK

Accessibility features such as ramps, grab rails and alarm systems

Have more questions?

Are your portable toilet blocks and shower units water resistant?

All our portable units are designed to be watertight as they are an extension of your building for the use of your organisation. We fit out our portable toilet and shower units to have heating and lighting as well as be weather and water resistant.

How long will they take to construct?

The length of time that your portable toilet or shower unit will take to construct will depend on several things – such as whether you are having a new unit, or a used one. A new unit will be constructed from scratch and will need longer to create than the refurbishment and modification of a used one. The size of the unit as well as any customisations that you require, will also impact the time it will take to construct your unit. To have a more accurate idea of the time needed to create your portable toilet block and shower unit, get in touch with a member of our team for a no-obligation quote and lead time estimation. You can always be certain that a portable toilet or shower unit will be constructed and installed in a fraction of the time that a traditional building would take to construct.

How will my portable toilet and shower unit be delivered to me?

Our portable toilet cabins and shower units are generally delivered to your site as a completed building which is then manoeuvred by our cranes and equipment into position in order for our engineers to connect mains services, drainage and sewage – all of which will be guaranteed to meet building regulations.

What customisation options are available?

We can customise your portable toilet and shower units in a variety of ways. You can have internal and external finishes to suit your organisation – choosing colours or cladding to blend with your existing building. You can choose the layout and partitioning as well as the placement of wash basins, toilets, urinals and any accessibility features – such as grab rails, alarms and ramps. Your customisation options also offer lighting and heating as well as timers and sensors to make them more cost-effective and save energy. For all customisation options, get in touch with one of our expert team to discuss your needs and requirements.

Are you able to offer groundwork for portable toilet units?

Yes, part of our package with the installation is the groundwork needed to install your portable toilet unit. We prepare the ground or any foundations that are needed as well as make sure that water supply and sewage connections are prepared and then properly hooked up when the unit arrives for installation.

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