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New Portable Cabins

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10′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

£ 5,495.00 + VAT

10′ x 8′ New Portable Cabin

£ 5,495.00 + VAT

12′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

£ 5,995.00 + VAT

16′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

£ 6,995.00 + VAT

20′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

£ 7,995.00 + VAT

24′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

£ 8,995.00 + VAT

28′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

£ 9,995.00 + VAT

32′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

£ 11,995.00 + VAT

40′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

£ 15,995.00 + VAT

40′ x 12′ New Portable Cabin


6′ x 4′ New Portable Cabin

£ 3,750.00 + VAT

COVID Testing and Screening Cabin


New Portable Cabins

Fast, Flexible and Economical Space

Our new portable cabins offer a solution to creating cost-effective space fast!

We offer a range of sizes for our buildings with both standard designs and the option to create a bespoke unit to suit your needs. If you are looking to create an office, meeting room, toilet / shower block, sales suite or document storage but are short on lead time or your budget is limited a portable cabin could work for you.

The units are delivered as a one-piece construction, pre-wired, plumbed and constructed to the layout you require meaning you can just add the relevant utility services to the building and can be up and running within a very short period of time.

Our portable cabins have the flexibility to create larger complexes too. Units of matching sizes can be stacked on top of each other whilst any single storey size can be linked at ground level.

Optional Extras for Portable Cabins

Window Guards for Portable Cabins
Roller Shutters for Portable Cabins

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