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Portable Toilet Buildings

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12′ x 9′ Anti Vandal 2 + 1 Toilet

£ 8,433.00 + VAT

16′ x 9′ Anti Vandal 3 + 1 Toilet

£ 9,686.00 + VAT

20′ x 9′ Anti Vandal 4 + 1 Toilet

£ 11,228.00 + VAT

Looking for high quality portable toilet buildings? At Midlands Portable Buildings, we design, build and deliver outstanding mobile toilets to suit your requirements. Our toilets are built in the same standard you would expect of permanent amenities with toilet cubicles, wash basins and more. See what’s included in our portable toilet buildings in the list below.

Furthermore, we offer standardised layouts or create unique layouts that we design towards your needs. These mobile toilets are available in a range of bespoke finishes making them highly versatile. We build our portable toilet buildings with separate male and female facilities.

We also supply a range of anti-vandal toilets that are constructed to discourage thieves and vandals. These mobile toilet buildings come in either corrugated or flat-sided, 5mm rolled steel.

If you would like more information about what Midlands Portable Buildings can offer you, contact our Sales Team on 01889 217406.

To see an example of our fantastic work, click here to look at our building we supplied to Vivarail this year.

What’s Included in Our Portable Toilet Buildings?

  • Toilet cubicles
  • Wash basins
  • Urinals
  • Instantaneous water heaters
  • Anti-slip vinyl flooring
  • Vanity screens
  • Bespoke corporate colours
  • Soap dispensers (optional)
  • DDA toilets

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