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24′ x 10′ Drying Room and Canteen

24′ x 10′ Drying Room and Canteen

Price: £4,450.00 + VAT

Size in Metres: 7.2m x 3.0m
Size in Feet: 24′ x 10′
Location: Hixon Depot

  • Exterior Finish: Plastisol Steel
  • Internal Finish: Steel Lined
  • Windows: Aluminium single glazed
  • Flooring: Vinyl Flooring
  • Lighting: Fluorescent Strip Lighting
  • Two room layout with kitchenette
  • 2kw Convector Heater with Timer and Thermostat
  • Tubular Heater
  • 13amp Double Sockets
  • Mains Circuit Board
  • Hire and Purchase Options Available

Price includes repainting

Reference Number: MPB2013

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