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6-Bay Modular Building

6-Bay Modular Building

Price: + VAT

Size in Metres: 18.0m x 9.6m
Size in Feet: 60′ x 32′
Location: Hixon Depot

✔ – Exterior Finish: Textured

✔ – Internal Finish: Plasterboard Lined

✔ – Windows: Double Glazed Windows

✔ – Flooring: Carpet and Vinyl Flooring

✔ – Lighting: Fluorescent

✔ – Open Plan Area

✔ – Hire and Purchase Options Available


This building can be refurbished.

Get in touch with us to find out what refurbishment options we are able to offer.

Hire Information

This building is available for hire. The price quoted is based on hiring this building for a minimum period of 52-weeks. The price does not include for and delivery, cranage or groundwork costs. We are able to offer different hire periods either longer or shorter than the 52-weeks as above, this will have an effect on the hire price.


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