Refurbished 40′ x 10′ Delivered to Cheshire

40′ x 10′ Refurbished Portakabin Delivered to Cheshire

We had a repeat order from a company who had previously bought two of our new builds. This time they chose to refurbish a 40’ x 10’ from open plan to an office and welfare cabin.

The original building had aluminium, single paned windows, steel doors, fluorescent strip lighting and vinyl flooring, which was heavily marked from wear and tear. Everything within the building was replaced to create a high spec office and welfare:

40x10 refurbished portable cabin delivered to Cheshire
  • White UPVC double glazed windows
  • Fully glazed UPVC doors
  • Vinyl flooring of customers choice
  • Vinyl-faced plasterboard
  • LED strip lights
  • Kitchenette
  • Single toilet
  • Wash basin
  • Power sockets
  • Coded door lock
  • Convector heaters with timer and thermostat

When we refurbish our used buildings, we ensure everything used is of a high quality. All necessary repairs are made such as ensuring fully working electrics, roof leaks etc. to provide our customers with excellent standard buildings. When used buildings are delivered to the yard, they are often dirty and in need of updating or repairing. We often change the windows in used portable cabins from single to double glazed to help with the insulation of the building. Doors are exchanged for new steel security doors unless an alternative is requested such as a fully glazed door (a good choice for those wanting to allow more light). 2kw convector heaters are installed to provide adequate heat during colder months. The building is repainted in a colour of the client’s choice.