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Refurbished Modular Classrooms and Offices for Warwick Independent Schools Foundation


Warwick Independent Schools Foundation enquired about a three room refurbished modular classroom. They needed the classrooms to be sizes of 18sq/m, 32sq/m and 10sq/m. Therefore, we designed an inclusive plan to incorporate their individual requirements. Collectively, we agreed on one refurbished modular classroom with several rooms to create their bespoke layout. Working together with the Warwick school, we created the most cost effective plan for the project which allowed us to provide a high quality and rapid service. We offered a full turn-key contract for the installation of a refurbished modular classroom building and transport office which went to a separate part of the school premises. The two modular buildings were delivered to Warwick on the 7/08/2017 with project completion on the 23/08/2017.

Modular Classrooms Warwick

Site Before Installation

Modular Classrooms Warwick

Site After Installation
Warwick School Key Features Included:

Steel Chasis
Plastisol Steel Exterior
Vinyl Faced Plasterboard
Double Glazed Windows
2kw Convection Heaters
LED Lighting
Bespoke Layout

This deluxe Refurbished Modular Building provides an ideal space for teaching. The design will create an inclusive, professional and engaging atmosphere for the pupils at the Warwick school.  The Plastisol Steel Exterior provides a long lasting and low maintenance coating to the building. We built the classroom with current Building Regulations to ensure maximum safety and building efficiency.  All internal fittings were completed by MPB, including data communications.

Silly Season

As Warwick Independent School booked early, they guaranteed their building to be delivered and completed over the 6 week holiday. Due to the high demand during this summer period, we recommend enquiring sooner rather than later. This will enable us to complete the project with plenty of time to set up your classroom before the September Term starts.

If you would like to know more about our used modular classrooms please contact us here.

Exterior Photos

Interior Photos

Corridor of Refurbished Modular Building

Corridor of Refurbished Modular Building

Corridor of Refurbished Modular Building

Ramp Photos

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