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Some of our services are part and parcel of purchasing or hiring a new or refurbished modular building but we offer additional services to make your project flow more smoothly to completion.
Our Modular Services

What services do we provide?

We provide services to help you design and build the perfect modular building installation with our professional design team’s expertise. The same services are offered for refurbished buildings as we can modify any modular building to create the space you need. Part of our design service includes helping you to choose the right cladding for your modular building to create the aesthetic you desire and help your new building fit seamlessly with your location and other buildings. Part of the design and build phase is to view your site and arrange access, as well as delivery and installation of your new building. If you prefer not to handle the paperwork of planning applications and building regulations, we can manage this for you, as we offer this as part of our turnkey service. A key part of our service of installing top-quality modular buildings in every location is our groundwork preparation. We have skilled engineers who will prepare your site for the delivery of your building as well as handle all the post-installation connections to mains services and drainage.

Modular Building Services

Our services

Planning applications and building regulations

Part of the process of a modular building which will be in place for more than 28 days, is obtaining planning permission and building regulations. You can manage the paperwork yourself or choose to use our service to take care of the legalities for you.

Exterior Cladding

We offer a range of cladding options; timber, brick slip and Clad-ex and aim to keep these as attractive-looking as well as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. This can help to reduce heating costs and improve the overall sustainability of your modular building.

Cabin Transport and Relocation

We arrange the transport of your modular building, whether a new installation or a relocation is being undertaken. We transport your modular building as a whole entity using relevant equipment and highly-trained engineers to make sure the move goes smoothly.

Building Refurbishment

We offer refurbished modular buildings as an alternative to purchasing a new one which is a popular option for those whose budgets are stretched. Our building refurbishments are of the highest quality, you wouldn’t know they weren’t brand new and they can be modified to your bespoke needs in the same way a new building can.


Our team prepares the ground prior to the installation of all our modular buildings. If you need water, electricity, or even a gas supply as well as wastewater and drainage, our team will take care of all the preparations as well as ensure access to the site for your building’s delivery.

Have more questions?

Why choose external cladding for your building?

External cladding for your temporary building serves a couple of purposes. Whether you choose brick, timber or Clad-ex, cladding will enhance the energy efficiency of your building, preventing heat loss through the external walls and saving money on heating costs. The other main purpose is aesthetics. You can use cladding to match your existing or adjacent buildings to create a seamless appearance and help your new modular building blend into the background. In some cases, cladding may be a condition of planning permission.

Do I need planning permission for a temporary building?

Planning permission will need to be sought if your building is going to be in position for more than 28 days. Some temporary buildings, such as shipping container units on building sites, which are only in place for a few weeks, won’t need to have planning permission. However, it is always worth checking with your contractor as you don’t want to be caught on the wrong foot. Our team at MPB are able to advise you if planning permission is needed and are happy to offer advice for your project, so get in touch today.

What is a temporary building?

A temporary building, also known as a portable building or modular building, is a structure constructed to be used for a relatively short period of time in comparison to permanent, traditional buildings. They are easily assembled, disassembled and relocated making them very versatile. Although temporary buildings are considered suited to short-term needs, they can, if well cared for, be usable for 30 years or more.

Can I relocate a modular building?

Yes, one of the advantages of modular buildings is that they can be disassembled, moved and then reassembled at a different location, although it’s not as simple as picking up and moving – there’s a process involved. If you want to relocate a modular building, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your unique project.

Do building regulations apply to refurbishments?

Yes, building regulations can apply to refurbishments and all temporary buildings depending on the scope and nature of the refurbishment work. There are various considerations which will impact whether refurbished buildings need building regulations, and these include:

– Duration and intended use – if it will be used for more than 28 days or will have a classroom full of children, for example.
– Scope of the refurbishment – if it involves structural alterations, changes in use or any significant modifications to fire safety.
– Safety and compliance – fire safety, structural stability, ventilation, electrical safety and accessibility are all factors.
– Heritage or conservation areas – if it is located in a conservation area or involves a listed building there may be additional requirements and restrictions.

For up-to-date information and advice, our team at Midlands Portable Buildings can advise you on which regulations and planning permissions you need to apply for to be compliant with legislation. Our turnkey service, should you wish to use it, means we will manage all the paperwork and applications on your behalf. Get in touch today to discuss your planned project.

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