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Timber Clad Modular Buildings

Enhance your Modular Building with Timber Cladding

We are specialist providers of timber clad modular buildings, having completed a number of hugely successful projects across the UK. Over the last few years, more and more organisations are choosing timber for the exterior of the building.

Timber cladding is a very versatile material, perfect for integrating into building designs. Our timber supply partners source timber sustainably which last many years. Timber cladding is an ideal material choice for many types of modular building projects.

Below we explain a number of the top benefits for choosing a timber clad exterior.

Timber Clad Modular Buildings
Timber Clad Modular Classroom at The Hart School Rugeley, 2021

Benefits of Timber Cladding

1. Timber looks AMAZING!

The obvious place to start! Timber cladding simply looks stunning. From natural to urban surroundings, timber suits so many different settings.

Within a woodland area, timber clad modular buildings can blend perfectly into the background offering sympathy to the beauty of nature. When you add timber cladding to a building within a built up area it can help break up a sea of brick walls.

Everyone loves to see timber and it’s increasingly becoming popular with architects.

2. Timber Cladding is Durable

With the varying weather we experience in Britain, timber cladding can withstand heat, cold, wind and rain when correctly applied onto a building.

Timber can be preserved using a range of products to make it last longer.

Knocks, chips or other minor damage is often hard to spot against the grain of timber, meaning effects of age is less prominent.

3. Timber Cladding is Sustainable

All of the Timber cladding we source comes from sustainable forests, certified by the PEFC or FSC. These organisations are dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. They ensure that when forests and trees are used for timber purposes, new trees are planted in their place.

4. Timber Cladding is Environmentally Friendly

Timber is naturally renewable, unlike most other construction materials.  The production of timber cladding leaves a tiny carbon footprint in comparison to other external finishes such as steel or brick.

Timber cladding is 100% recyclable, meaning it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available for construction.

5. Timber Cladding Naturally Ages

Weathering is the process where timber cladding naturally ages over time due to the impact of environmental conditions. The weathering process of timber naturally changes the appearance of your cladding giving it a soft grey / silver colour.

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