The Top Benefits of Used Modular Buildings

Whether it is the convenience of quick set-up and installation, the flexibility for customisation or reconfiguration, the eco-friendly nature of the fabrication process and daily use or simply the possible financial savings, there are many benefits to a used modular building.

Benefits Of Used Modular Buildings

1. A Cheaper Alternative

Second-hand modular buildings are the ideal choice for people looking to expand their premises or include new office space or learning rooms without breaking the bank, as a modular building is, on average, 22% more affordable than a brick-and-mortar alternative. The savings don’t end there; the on-site installation is approximately 60% cheaper with modular construction and, thanks to the rapid setup, minimises interruptions to your daily business operations which would normally dent your finances further.

2. Offering A Sustainable Building Solution

One of the most important advantages of modular construction is the benefits it offers to our planet. Modular buildings can easily be customised or reconfigured meaning they can be used time and time again for different purposes by different companies. They are also typically fitted out with energy-efficient features that reduce operational costs and environmental impact such as insulation, HVAC systems and LED lighting.

3. High Quality Refurbishment

One of the main ways used modular buildings are refurbished is by replacing outdated systems with modern, energy-efficient alternatives such as HVAC systems, LED lighting and windows and doors. Skilled professionals also update structural elements, enhance insulation and install high-end finishes. Comprehensive cleaning, repainting and refinishing ensure the refurbished building meets contemporary standards for comfort, efficiency and aesthetics.

4. Opportunities to Customise to Suit Your Requirements

When it comes to modular buildings, used doesn’t mean unloved. These units are extremely customisable and can be modified and configured to suit all your requirements. You could create an open plan layout for a modern feel or use partition walls to create privacy for offices or meeting rooms. Install hardwood, carpet or tiles to match your desired aesthetic and wallpaper or wall panelling. You could add skylights, windows, French doors, built in furniture, smart home technology, gourmet kitchens, wellness features, ambient lighting, soundproofing or even enhance the exterior with new cladding, decks or patios to give it a homely feel.

5. Speed of Construction and Installation

Thanks to their prefabricated nature and streamlined installation process, second-hand modular buildings can be refurbished, installed and set up with a few weeks to a few months, depending on the extent of required refurbishments. This includes inspection, upgrades, transportation and on-site assembly. In contrast, constructing a brick-and-mortar building of similar size typically takes several months to over a year to complete, and often involves extensive on-site groundwork and preparation that can interfere with your daily business operations.

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