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Used Portable Cabins

About Our Used Portable Cabins

What is a used portable cabin and how can it benefit you? Our used portable cabins started life as a brand new building at some point in its life. These buildings come from many different manufacturers some of which include; Portakabin, Elliott, Wernick, Thurston and AV Danzer. Much like the sale of a pre-owned car the portable cabins we sell have still have a lot of life left in them and can be refurbished to a very high standard with all the bells and whistles of a new portable cabin.

What are the benefits of buying a Used Portable Cabin

The main benefit is the impact it can have on your wallet. Savings against the cost of buying an equivalent new portable cabin could be as great as 50%.

The additional benefit of buying a pre-owned unit is the positive solution to lowering the carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Sustainability is now a large factor for the way certain companies procure their products, buying a used portable cabin can lower-carbon emissions by up to 70% against building a new building.


Used Portable Cabin
Used Portable Cabins

Delivery Information for Used Portable Cabins

We offer a comprehensive delivery service for all of our used portable cabins. We have connections with many haulage companies across the UK who have similar values, work ethic and professionalism to our own, this gives both you and ourselves piece of mind that our high standards are continued throughout the contract. If your premises has restricted access or the lifting requirements are difficult, we can arrange for a site survey to be undertaken to satisfy that the job can be done.

We have invested in finding the right haulage partners to ensure we have the right tools for any type of installation. These include hi-ab lorries, articulated lorries, standard flat beds, wagon and drag, rear mounted cranes and mobile cranes should the lift require one.

If you would like to know more information on our delivery of portable cabins please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to deal with your enquiry. Alternatively please have a look at our transport and relocation page on our website which has some more information on the services we provide and previous examples.

Hire Information

The hire prices listed above are all based on a minimum term of 52 weeks, we do however offer both shorter and longer term rental periods. Prices will vary depending on the length of hire you commit to.

Essential Buying Portable Building Tips

About to buy a Portable Cabin? With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have compiled a guide which will provide you with some key points you need to consider before you make your purchase.

  • Consider the space you have – If you have a spacious area for a portable cabin, the building should slot right in, although in some cases, space can be limited. Therefore, at MPB, we have a professionally trained installation team to help deliver portable buildings in the tightest of spaces. We also complete a site visit to ensure the buildings can be delivered safely.
  • Think about the foundations of the building. Will it be sitting on tarmac or grass? Do you have knowledge of where your services are located in relation to where the building will be sited?  Here at MPB, we can ensure all facilities are up and running for your building. We offer a full turn key contract, where we will take care of everything from planning and building regulation applications, design and manufacture installation and handover.
  • Identify the primary purpose of the building – is your building going to be a classroom or an office for example? Are there any particular design aesthetics that you will need to achieve such as cedar cladding or a brick slip finish? Would you prefer the low maintenance finish of a plastisol steel exterior? At MPB, we adapt our buildings to suit any requirement you may have. Our design team will collaborate with your needs to ensure you are delighted with the result.
  • How many people do you need to house in this building? A standard 32′ x 10′ Portable Building is the most popular size, it provides an ideal space for 4/5 people with desks. It can also be adapted to include toilets and a kitchenette. Whereas, a 20′ x 10′ building can ideal for tighter spaces or a smaller workforce. Modular buildings can provide volumetric space for teaching and offices. We supplied a spacious, double storey classroom to Grestone Academy. Or to see our full range of modular buildings, click here.
  • How long do you want it for? We have a range of buildings available for hire and sale. A cost-effective solution is hiring a portable cabin, they can cost anywhere from £20.00 per week. If you are about to buy a portable building, think how long you would need it for. At MPB, we also look at buying buildings back from our customers – subject to condition.
  • Want it new or refurbished? Our new Portable Cabins are constructed to meet your requirements, although they can be more expensive than our refurbished range. Our used portable cabins use the same high-quality materials and often are much more cost-effective.
  • Do you want affordable prices, high quality and personalised layouts for when you buy a portable building? MPB Ltd offers a range of solutions for your requirements. If you would like to buy a portable cabin, see our list of available buildings below or see our used portable cabins page for a wide range of options.

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