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Used Anti-Vandal Buildings

Perfect for use on sites where security is a concern – a robust and heavy-duty steel anti-vandal unit is virtually impregnable. Purchasing or hiring a used unit will cost a fraction of the amount compared to a new one.
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Used Anti-Vandal Buildings

What are used anti-vandal cabins?

Essentially, used anti-vandal cabins are portable buildings designed to be a fortress of protection against vandalism and theft in vulnerable areas. They are able to be customised to your requirements with partitions and connected to electricity, gas, water and sewage to allow for kitchenettes, toilets, showers and more – providing offices, rest facilities and even temporary accommodation.

A used anti-vandal cabin is one that has been preowned and then refurbished. To ensure the safety of the unit, they have steel-reinforced doors with multi-point locking systems and windows will have shutters or metal grilles fitted to prevent them being broken. MPB has a range of used anti-vandal cabins for sale which are ideal for short-term needs and at a much cheaper rate than a new unit. As second-hand anti-vandal cabins are incredibly durable and easily relocated, a used building is just as secure and robust as a new one, at a fraction of the cost. With years of experience in the sector, MPB is accustomed to creating the ideal used anti-vandal cabin for your needs. We are experts at modifying used anti-vandal cabins to suit every client’s unique requirements.

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MPB provides single and double modular classrooms. Singular classrooms are ideal for schools needing extra space for a single class of students, whereas double modular classrooms provide two mirror-image classrooms with a lobby area between, and additional storeys can offer further flexibility.

10′ x 8′ Anti Vandal Open Plan

12′ x 8′ Anti Vandal Open Plan

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16′ x 8′ Anti Vandal Open Plan

Our Process

Step 01 – Planning and design

The initial step is to help you design your new space within your used anti-vandal cabin to fulfil your requirements. You choose from our second-hand range and then we create the design with you. The next step is when we visit your site to check accessibility for delivery and installation.

Step 02 – Compliance

The paperwork must be completed first and planning permission, as well as building regulation applications, have to be submitted. You do this step, although we can manage it for you if you opt for our turnkey service. Planning permission typically takes 8 – 12 weeks.

Step 03 – Preparation and modification

Our onsite team will make the initial groundwork preparations when the planning permission is granted. This will take care of foundations, mains supplies, sewage and drainage – depending on your needs. Meanwhile, offsite our engineers will modify the used anti-vandal cabin you have selected to your specifications.

Step 04 – Installation

We transport your unit to the site and with our expert team and equipment, install the used anti-vandal cabin you have purchased and connect all the relevant services and facilities. Our used anti-vandal cabins are delivered complete to your site and levered into position by crane, where our skilled team complete the internal and external finishes.

Step 05 – Snagging and handover

We check all the final snagging tasks with you to ensure that everything is completed to your satisfaction. When you are fully satisfied, we hand over the keys and certifications for you to begin using your refurbished second-hand anti-vandal cabin.

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Why choose a used anti-vandal building?

Where security is crucial, our used anti-vandal buildings for sale are the perfect solution. They provide the best protection against vandalism and theft – keeping your staff and assets safe – as they are virtually impregnable.

Made of high-grade steel, they are incredibly durable and by choosing a second-hand unit you are recycling a cabin that already exists, making the process more environmentally friendly. Used anti-vandal cabins are ideal for a variety of purposes – from offices, canteens and toilets to temporary accommodation – we offer a wide selection of units in various sizes at highly competitive prices. If purchasing a new unit is out of your budget, we still aim to provide you with a product that delivers on quality and a second-hand anti-vandal cabin can save you up to 60% compared to an equivalent new unit. A used and refurbished unit is also generally quicker to prepare for your requirements as it doesn’t need to be built from scratch, taking less time to be up and running on your site.

The benefits of buying a second-hand anti-vandal cabin

Cost savings

With potential savings of up to 60% a used anti-vandal cabin is a much cheaper alternative to a new unit. The minimal amount of modifications needed make the refurbishment cheaper and so give the savings back to you, the buyer. Lower costs don’t mean less quality, however! Used anti-vandal cabins are still usually in excellent condition offering years of additional use.

Time savings

As your anti-vandal cabin is already constructed, it merely needs modifications to be ready for your use – a much quicker process. With the groundwork processes being effected simultaneously with the offsite modifications, a used anti-vandal cabin can be installed and ready in a matter of a few weeks.


Recycling a second-hand anti-vandal cabin saves the use and energy expenditure of creating, manufacturing and transporting new materials to create a new unit, which is a sustainable practice. When you’ve finished using them, they can even be recycled again, and as we use energy-saving fittings such as LED lighting and timer-controlled heating, they can continue to make you savings.

Quality and safety

All of our anti-vandal units are made from reinforced steel and the doors have multi-locking systems making them basically impregnable. With fewer windows and doors than many other portable buildings, they have fewer points of entry for would-be intruders. The windows are covered with mesh or grille covers or have lockable shutters to prevent any attempts to break or enter through them. All of our portable buildings are created with quality materials to ensure their longevity and the satisfaction of our clients.

Got more questions?

What are anti-vandal buildings mainly used for?

Anti-vandal buildings are designed to prevent unauthorised access, vandalism and theft – they’re built from robust materials with reinforced doors, windows and walls. Anti-vandal buildings are mainly used in locations where security is a concern, such as construction sites, schools, community centres and remote or temporarily unoccupied locations. They can be used for an array of purposes such as offices, storage units, changing rooms or for facilities such as kitchens and toilets.

What are used anti-vandal buildings are available?

Our used anti-vandal buildings are always changing. We have a range of sizes and configurations and you should contact us to see what we have in stock and what might be coming up as available for sale.

What are anti-vandal cabins generally used for?

Similar to anti-vandal buildings, anti-vandal cabins are smaller, portable structures designed to resist vandalism and break-ins. They are used as temporary secure spaces in areas that are susceptible to theft or vandalism. Common uses include site offices, storage units, ticket booths and security checkpoints at events as well as other temporary installations.

How will my used anti-vandal cabin be delivered to me?

Your used anti-vandal cabin will typically be delivered via a flatbed truck or trailer. The delivery process includes transporting the cabin to your location and placing it in the desired spot by crane or forklift. We handle the entire delivery process to ensure that the cabin arrives safely and is installed correctly – to meet regulations. We also make sure that the site is prepared and ready for the delivery and all foundations and groundwork have taken place.

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