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Shipping containers have become increasingly versatile for more than just transporting goods by sea, road and rail and are being frequently used for building and storage applications. Second-hand or used shipping containers are able to do the same functions but cost less.
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Used Converted Shipping Containers

What are used converted shipping containers?

Shipping containers are large standard-sized containers that are made of durable steel,designed to carry goods by rail, road or sea and they are built to withstand extreme temperatures, heavy loads and harsh weather conditions during transit. They come in various standard sizes and their standardisation and durability have led to their use in a range of applications beyond transportation – they are becoming increasingly popular as a base for homes and other buildings as well as storage facilities. As they are designed to have a useful lifespan of around twenty years, a used converted shipping container is still a great investment for your storage or container conversion needs. They can be fitted out as temporary accommodation or connected to expand their capabilities. With the options to be clad or lined and fitted with mains services – heating, air conditioning, electrics and plumbing – they can be turned into almost anything. MPB has been working in the portable building industry for years and has a range of used shipping containers for sale as well as the skills and expertise to modify or develop your used converted shipping container for your intended purpose.

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Type of cabins available

Our used portable cabins started life as a brand new building at some point. These buildings come from many different manufacturers some of which include; Portakabin, Elliott, Wernick, Thurston, AV Danzer.
Much like the sale of a pre-owned car, each cabin we sell still has a lot of life left in them. They can be refurbished to a very high standard with all the bells and whistles of a new portable cabin.

Storage Container – 3.0m x 2.4m

Storage Container – 6.0m x 2.4m

Storage Container – 7.2m x 2.4m

Storage Container -12.2m x 2.4m

Storage Container -12m x 2.4m

Our process

Step 01 – Planning phase

This point in the process is where you choose the used converted shipping container that you want for your requirements and in discussions with our expert team, devise a plan for any modifications you need made before it is delivered and installed. When these plans and the price have been agreed upon, we visit your site to assess positioning and accessibility.

Step 02 – Compliance

You may not require planning permission if your used shipping container is only going to be positioned for a short period of time, but if they are going to be used in one place longer-term or needs mains services to be connected – such as for accommodation – then you will need a planning application to be submitted. Our service is available as an option, if you choose it, rather than doing the paperwork yourself.

Step 03 – Preparation and modification

When all compliance steps have been completed, such as planning applications, our team onsite will prepare the foundations of the area where your used shipping container will be located. While onsite preparations go ahead, our offsite team will make sure that your modifications are completed in your chosen used converted shipping container.

Step 04 – Installation

Your used shipping container will be delivered to your site by truck and our teams will ensure the installation goes smoothly and any connections necessary are made according to your design plan.

Step 05 – Handover

The final step is the handover – if any connections have been made or modifications we check for snagging tasks and resolve any issues to guarantee your full satisfaction. Then the keys and all certifications are handed over before we leave your site.

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Save costs by buying a used shipping container

A used shipping container is cheaper than purchasing a new one, making it a significant saving for companies that might have a tighter budget.

Shipping containers are made so robustly, that they are able to last for at least twenty years of use and they won’t depreciate in value – even if they’ve been used for several years – giving a good return on investment as they can be sold on later when you no longer need it. If you’re opting to have your used shipping container modified for use as an office, toilet and shower block or even as temporary accommodation, we install energy-efficient LED lighting and timed heating systems to help save you money. Not only will it save you money but you will also be able to reduce your company’s carbon footprint as using a second-hand unit is a form of recycling – so you’ll be saving the cost to the planet as well as your wallet.

Benefits of buying a used converted shipping container

Time saving

As used converted shipping container are already pre-built units, they are very quick to install. The amount of modification you choose to have for your unit will determine the length of time it takes to prepare it, but as our team works onsite simultaneously to prepare the site with foundations, drainage and any mains service connections that are necessary – the process of getting your unit installed is a matter of weeks.

Cost saving

Shipping containers are not very expensive and a second-hand one is cheaper still. Even with modifications to make your used shipping container suitable for office use, hospitality – such as a café or restaurant – or accommodation, using a shipping container is a much cheaper alternative to a traditional building.


Using anything more than once is a form of recycling and although the steel that shipping containers are constructed from is highly recyclable, the best use is to repurpose the unit. A used converted shipping container will save the materials and energy spent to produce and transport the new materials for creating a new unit – reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Flexibility and customisation

Designed to stack on top of each other, used shipping containers can be joined together to create large and multipurpose structures. In their native form, they make secure storage units, but they can also be customised with insulation and cladding and then have windows, doors and mains services connected to create living spaces or areas for offices, cafes, restaurants and more. The used shipping container is a very versatile and flexible object.

Got more questions?

Can I customise a used shipping container?

Yes, you can customise a used shipping container just as easily as a new one. Modifications can include adding windows, doors, insulation, cladding, electricity, plumbing and even creating multi-level structures by stacking containers. Interior and exterior finishes can be customised to give a specific aesthetic. It is essential to ensure that the container is in good condition and structurally sound before beginning any modifications. We can advise you about what modifications and customisations are possible for any used shipping container that you purchase, so get in touch with a member of our expert team to discuss your project.

How will my used shipping container be delivered?

Used shipping containers are delivered using a flatbed truck, although this may depend on the size and weight of the container and the accessibility of the site. A crane or forklift will then be used to place the container in the desired location. We ensure that the site is prepared and accessible for delivery and we handle the entire delivery and installation process.

Do you offer cladding on shipping containers?

Yes, we can modify your chosen used shipping container with cladding of various types. Cladding your used shipping container will help provide additional insulation as well as provide your chosen aesthetic. Get in touch today to discuss the cladding options we can offer to modify your used shipping container.

How easy is it to get electricity, plumbing, lighting and heating in a shipping container?

Installing electricity, heating, lighting and plumbing in a shipping container is a relatively straightforward task, but it should always be undertaken by qualified professionals to ensure safety and compliance with building regulations. A shipping container can be wired similarly to a traditional building with electrical outlets, switches and lighting fixtures. Insulation will be necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature, but heating can be provided with electric heaters, wood burners or other options. Discuss your customisation options with one of our expert team today.

Do I need planning permission to have a shipping container?

It will depend on the intended use of the container and its positioning. Some temporary structures below a certain height may not require planning permission, although if they are going to be used for accommodation or for a purpose other than storage, then planning permission will need to be sought. Get in touch today with a member of our expert team to discuss your used shipping container and its purposes to discover if planning permission is required.

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