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Useful for marketing suites, office cabins, portable toilet or shower blocks and more, used portable cabins are the flexible and affordable solution to your requirements. Able to be customised to suit your needs, a used portable cabin is especially suited to a short-term need.
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Used Cabins

Our used portable cabins

Used portable cabins are a great instant solution to a building requirement, especially one that needs to be filled quickly. As they are already constructed, they can be ready in a much quicker amount of time – even with any alterations we make for your needs. Available in an array of styles, sizes and modifications, they can be used, or made to suit, a vast range of applications.

We have a continuous supply of used portable cabins for sale, and we specialise in making the refurbishments you need to ensure the used portable cabin you purchase meets the requirements of your project. You get value for money without compromising any of the internal or external finishes. You can see our selection of stock here , but if you can’t see what you need, give us a call and we will try to source the second-hand portable unit you’re looking for or let you know what is coming into stock – which might be the ideal solution for your requirements.

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We supply the highest quality used portable cabins

All of our used portable cabins started life as brand-new buildings at some point, and these come from many different manufacturers, some of which include:
• Portakabin
• Elliott
• Wernick
• Thurston
• AV Danzer
Similar to a second-hand car, our cabins still have plenty of life left in them and can be refurbished to a very high standard – almost as if they were new – but at a fraction of the cost. So, if you need a used portable cabin for your temporary site office, portable changing rooms, toilets, welfare unit or for any other use, get in touch with a friendly member of our team to discuss your project and how we can supply the solution you need.

10′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

12′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

16′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

20′ x 10′ Toilet Block & Changing Room

20′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

24′ x 10′ New Portable Cabin

Our process

Step 01 – Design and planning stage

This part is where we help you select your used portable cabin and then design any modifications you want to make for your specific requirements. When these, and the quote, have been agreed upon, we will visit your site to assess the accessibility for the delivery.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

Most used portable buildings won’t need planning permission, but if your portable cabin is above a certain size, likely to be in place for longer periods of time or is for certain types of use – then a planning application will need to be made. Discuss with our experts to find out if you’ll have to apply.

Step 03 – Modification and preparation

The modifications you require for your second-hand portable cabin will now be undertaken by our offsite team. Meanwhile, our onsite team prepares the foundations and any groundwork needed. This means the lead time is massively reduced.

Step 04 – Installation

Your used portable cabin will be transported to the site and positioned by crane and our expert team. The relevant mains services will be connected to create the finished portable unit you need, all our engineers are qualified professionals.

Step 05 – Snagging and handover

All remaining snagging tasks will be noticed and completed to your satisfaction before we hand over the keys and all relevant certifications when your second-hand portable cabin is ready to use.

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Save costs by buying used

A traditional building is a costly and long-term investment, and in some situations, it actually wouldn’t be possible to install a brick-and-mortar building. A used portable building uses far fewer materials to construct, less energy and a fraction of the time and a second-hand portable cabin is cheaper still, even with modifications. Buying, or hiring, a second-hand portable cabin won’t have such a great impact on your wallet, as it could save as much as 50% of the cost of buying an equivalent new cabin.

Advantages of buying a used portable cabin

High quality

Our used portable cabins are of the same calibre and functionality as traditional buildings and are all made from materials of the highest possible quality. They are temporary buildings, but built to last, and are perfect for use in any climate as they cool quickly in the summer and maintain a comfortable, warm temperature in the winter months.

Fast installation

The cabin can be ready to be assembled at the place you specify, as there is no need to wait for construction to finish. They offer quick and simple space for offices, makeshift classrooms, restrooms, changing rooms and more. Additionally, our portable structures can be set up on challenging sites that might otherwise be too difficult for the building of a permanent structure.

Easy to relocate

Portable cabins are really helpful if you need to move to a new location as they are simple to relocate. Your portable building can simply be relocated to your new premises, without having to spend a large amount of money – or even placed in a new location on your current site as requirements change.

Maximising space

A portable cabin makes maximising your available space easy. These units provide an ideal option if some of the area of your property is being underutilised. For a whole range of purposes, you can quickly build a comfortable and professional working space.


Our used portable cabins offer the same level of protection against vandalism and theft that you would find in a traditional structure, and at a fraction of the cost, giving you total peace of mind that your assets are safe and protected.


Sustainability plays a significant role in how companies source their products and as our portable cabins are constructed from environmentally-friendly materials – and even less are needed for a used one – meaning that the purchase, or hire, of one of these versatile buildings will help to reduce carbon emissions by up to 70%.

Used Modular Buildings

Considerations before buying a used cabin

If you’re considering buying a used portable cabin there are a few things you should consider first, which we’ve learned after years of experience in the industry.

Consider the available space

If you have a spacious area big enough for a portable cabin, the structure ought to fit in perfectly, although some spaces are more limited which makes them trickier to deliver. MPB has a professionally trained installation crew who can deliver portable cabins in the most restricted places. To ensure the buildings can be delivered securely, we always conduct a site visit.

Think about the foundations

Will the building be situated on grass or tarmac? Do you know where the relevant services of water, electricity and sewage are situated with respect to the location? At MPB we offer a complete turnkey contract that will take care of every aspect of the project – from design and production to installation and handover.

Identify the purpose of the building

Will the building be an office or a classroom? Do you need any design aesthetics, such as wooden cladding, or a brick slip finish or would you choose a plastisol steel exterior’s low maintenance finish? MPB has years of experience in modifying our structures to suit the needs of our clients. To ensure your building is fit for your intended purpose and you’re completely happy with the outcome, our design team will work with your needs.

How many people do you need to house in the building?

A standard 32’ by 10’ portable unit offers the perfect amount of space for four or five staff using workstations. A 20’ by 10’ building would be suited to smaller workforces or in a more confined space. We can modify our used portable cabins to have kitchen and toilet areas and we also offer portable classrooms for use in education.

How long do you want it for?

How much time do you need the building for? A variety of our used portable cabins are available for purchase or to rent. Hiring a portable cabin is a very competitive option as they can be a surprisingly small amount each week – and temporary structures generally don’t need planning permission. At MPB we also look at buying back buildings from our customers depending on their condition.

Want it new or refurbished?

Our brand-new portable cabins are built to your exact specifications, although they are generally more expensive than our refurbished models. The used portable cabins are usually much more affordable for those with a tight budget, although we use the same premium quality materials.

Have more questions?

How will the used portable cabin be safely delivered?

Delivery of a used portable cabin requires several steps:
– Site assessment – understanding the terrain, routes and any potential obstructions.
– Proper equipment – specialised trucks, with tilt-beds or flatbeds, hi-ab lorries articulated lorries, wagon and drag, rear-mounted cranes and mobile cranes as well as qualified engineers. We work with haulage companies that share our work ethic and professionalism.
– The cabin is secured for transit and the route is carefully planned for a smooth and hassle-free delivery.
– We will have ensured that the site is fully prepared prior to delivery so when your used portable cabin arrives everything is ready for the full installation.
We ensure all health and safety standards are adhered to throughout the procedure. Please get in touch with a member of our team if you have more questions about your building’s delivery.

How can I find out which used cabins are available?

You can check out our currently available stock on our website, and you can also get in touch to find out if there is a more suitable building currently about to be purchased. We can source the ideal used portable cabin for you if we don’t currently have one in stock. Any of our available second-hand portable buildings can be modified for your unique requirements – get in touch to discuss your needs.

Can I customise a used portable building to suit my needs?

Yes, we can customise a second-hand portable building to suit your requirements. When you have selected the used portable building you wish to buy or hire, we discuss your needs and make plans to modify it to your satisfaction. We can add kitchen facilities, toilets, showers, lockers, benches, hooks, windows and partitions, choice of inner and external finishes, cladding and floor treatments, insulation as well as paint and décor, lighting, heating and air conditioning and more. Get in touch today to discuss your customisation needs with a member of our expert team.

What manufacturers do you mainly resell?

At MPB, we resell used modular buildings from a wide range of manufacturers – such as Portakabin, Elliott, Wernick, Thurston, AV Danzer and more.

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