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A cheaper and more environmentally friendly option for your modular building needs is a used building. Renovated to the highest standards and saving on using new materials, one of our used modular buildings for sale can save you money whilst supplying your requirements for additional building space.
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Our used modular buildings

Used modular buildings are an efficient and cost-effective solution for various sectors, including commercial, industrial, educational, clinical and more. Being constructed offsite and transported for installation, they are a rapid solution to the expanding needs of an organisation and can be customised for your unique requirements. MPB has a wide range of used modular buildings for sale or hire, and by reusing a previously fabricated unit, you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

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Types of Used Modular Buildings for Sale

MPB provides a wide range of used modular building solutions including used portable cabins, converted shipping containers and anti-vandel cabins.

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Our used buildings and cabins range

Used portable cabins

Ideal for a vast range of uses from office spaces, healthcare facilities and even residential units, a used portable cabin can be customised to incorporate kitchen and hygiene installations as well as electrical connection – making them a hugely versatile unit for your additional accommodation needs. Purchasing a used portable cabin is an economical and quick solution, especially for a temporary requirement.

Used modular buildings

A second-hand refurbished modular building is an efficient solution for a wide range of applications. Where schools have an expanding year group to accommodate or office expansion happens rapidly, finding the right solution to the accommodation needs can be quickly supplied.

Refurbished to our highest standards, our used modular buildings for sale can be customised with interior and exterior finishes, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

Used shipping containers

The sturdiness of shipping containers as well as their versatility makes them perfect for an array of uses. Able to be modified for applications such as office space or even temporary living accommodation, they are also perfect for storage of bulkier items or sensitive chemicals and more. Our range of used shipping containers is versatile for your needs, saving you money.

Used anti-vandal buildings

Vandal-resistant cabins are robust and suit a wide range of purposes where their heavy-duty steel construction is needed to protect your assets from damage or theft and they can make huge savings for your budget. We refurbish our used anti-vandal cabins to the highest standard and you can still modify them with your choice of layout and internal fittings.

Our used buildings buying process

Step 01 – Enquiry stage

First, you select the used modular building you’re looking for and we work with you to ensure that your needs are going to be met in the specifications of the unit. We will then visit to inspect the area of your building and to analyse the accessibility of your site.

Step 02 – Planning and compliance

The planning application process needs to begin, taking between 8-12 weeks, and a building regulation application will need to be made. You can complete this process, or you can choose our service to have our expert team manage it all for you.

Step 03 – Manufacture and groundworks

When the planning application has been approved the onsite team will prepare the area with any necessary foundations, mains service connections and drainage while the offsite work begins to complete the modifications of your
refurbished modular building.

Step 04 – Installation

Your used modular building will be delivered to your site with the appropriate machinery and labour to install it and complete all the internal and external fixtures and fittings that we planned with you in the initial stages – including the connection of all mains services.

Step 05 – Snagging and handover

All possible snagging issues will be identified and resolved to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your installation. When all of these details are sorted out, you will be given the keys and certifications meaning your used modular building is ready to be used.

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Advantages of used buildings


A used modular building is a cheaper alternative to a new one, being able to be purchased or rented at a much lower price point than a traditional construction project or even a new modular building. The construction with insulation and cladding also makes them energy efficient and therefore creates ongoing cost-effectiveness.


A used modular building is a sustainable option as it reuses something that already exists rather than using new materials to fabricate a new unit. Modular building construction generates less waste and emissions than traditional construction methods and they can also be repurposed or recycled when their current usefulness ends.

Flexibility and customisation

Able to be easily modified or expanded, a used modular building is suitable for a wide range of applications, and they can easily be customised to meet the specific needs of the organisation, with additional partitions, electrical and plumbing, HVAC systems as well as internal and external finishes.

Rapid construction

As the majority of the construction and modification processes take place offsite, and a used building is already essentially complete, the time taken to prepare your used modular building is remarkably short. The preparation of the groundwork happening simultaneously with the offsite modifications also radically reduces the lead times.

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